FUCKED UP “YEAR OF THE DRAGON” (Mattitude Music, Released April 15, 2014)


Year of…. LPs have always served as a platform for Fucked Up to get a little bit more experimental and even a little indulgent. It’s their version of the Black Flag’s instrumental/spoken word EP. Hell, it’s an LP with three songs where the title track clocks in at over 18 minutes. The title track is more metal than you might guess, with Pinkeye’s vocals more guttural than usual, and the guitar work is definitely filled with some classic Maiden-esque licks. I love Fucked Up, but I am not sure I am all that into them applying their trademark expansive indie rock structures onto metal as opposed to hardcore. I did hear a podcast with Pinkeye where he talked about how American Dragon, now WWE Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, was coming out to the ring to a Fucked Up song and had contacted them about writing him an intro song. They started writing it, but Ring Of Honor the company he was wrestling for decided to use another song before Fucked Up could finish it, and that the “Year Of The Dragon” was sadly not about Daniel Bryan. The B-side of the LP is two pretty straight-forward hardcore punk tunes. Not quite the urgencies of their early 7”s, but it’s impressive that they can pull off an overly technical and proficient if not indulgently meandering 80’s metal song plus really good straight-ahead hardcore punk on the same record. The press release does note that the B-side songs are apparently both covers of under-appreciated early Toronto hardcore bands Cardboard Brains and The Ugly respectively.


-Carl Gunhouse



So last time I went to the Court Tavern, I got there an hour after the start time and no one had gone on. Fortunate Ones said they were on at 9PM, so I got in at 8:45PM fully expecting to catch The Mosers, but no dice. I got there just in time for the Fortunate Ones’ set. Which, truth be told, was the only reason I had ventured to Jersey. Fortunate Ones are a three piece fronted by Nate from Ensign, Strength 691, Vision and a half dozen other New Jersey hardcore bands. Being only the second show for the Fortunate Ones, I assume they still have some developing to do, but as of now they are like an enjoyable dissertation on Emo Hardcore. At times they sound a lot like late 80’s Dischord bands and other times like they’ve been listening to a lot of Louisville hardcore from the 90’s, all the while laying down some surprisingly hard rhythm parts. They sound like what Rights Of Spring would have sounded like if they started out playing Studio One in the 90’s with Bulldoze and One 4 One opening.


Fortunate Ones @ Court Tavern April 10, 2014. Photo by: Carl Gunhouse

So it turns out Neptune City Defenders was the first show of the new band headed by Pete from the Bouncing Souls. And apparently Neptune City Defenders was an alias. They’re actually called Smalltalk. Not sure what to make of it, very Brit-pop, somewhere between Belle & Sebastian and The Smiths. Smalltalk is Pete’s Zero Zero if you remember Ari from Lifetime’s post Lifetime band and apparently Smalltalk actually features people from Zero Zero, so there you go. I am gonna put it out there, that I like The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian and even thought Zero Zero was okay, but I didn’t really like Smalltalk that much. I thought about staying around for Not The Bees, they were enjoyable enough last time I saw them, but it was late and I had a drive back to Brooklyn ahead of me. My apologizes to Not The Bees and Pour The Pirate Sherry.


-Carl Gunhouse

OUTSIDER ZINE ISSUE #27 (Released Winter 2013/2014)


Newburgh NY'S Outsider zine returns for another go around and who the hell doesn't like a free fanzine...right? This latest issue has interviews with All Out War, Twitching Tongues, Brick By Brick, Trenchfoot, and Rick Ta Life from July of 2013... yes Rick Ta Life from 25 Ta Life.. you read it right.


Other features include a review of the 2013 Upstart Fest as well as a This Is Hardcore Fest 2013 review from The Last Stand’s Mike Scondotto. A little bit of this and a little bit of that is what Outsider does best with some editorials, a bunch of tattoo stuff and just stuff to read in every nook and cranny of this newspaper sized zine.


Free in the Newburgh and the surrounding/NYC area... I even took a bunch and handed them out in my area... so if you can't find this drop them a line and I'm sure for a few bucks Holly and John can probably get you a few copies as well.






(Dead City Records, Released March 25, 2014)

My malfunctioning I-tunes is a fucking genius; I listened to Abject! “Ugly On The Inside”, out of order and with intermittent N.W.A songs mixed in and it was like listening to the first mix tape I ever got from the thrash, skater guy I went to middle school with. Old school New York hardcore, the kind that’s more about kicking ass than break downs; full speed ahead, raging, punk rock fueled HxC. It’s not nice and harkens to a pre-Giuliani, gentrified New York. A place that no longer exists, except in the minds of the diseased and misty eyed, homesick denizens of the city who recall punk rock matinees, Coney Island High and skin flicks on Broadway. The samples are even throwbacks to an early ‘90’s aesthetic that mixes anger with tongue in cheek satire. Bob Saget describing New York when he moved there (in that mom show), Keith Morris waxing poetic, news anchors declaring the end of the depression and of course finger pointing at the bane of the scene’s existence: poser hipsters. This is what people talk about when they say not to trust a hardcore kid who never listened to punk rock. I mean how hardcore can you possibly be if you’ve never experienced a raging circle pit or a Doc Marten crushing your skull? It’s actually not fair to call Abject! a hardcore band, they have the chops, but they embody much more than what’s expected of that term these days. They sound pissed, but focused and funny all at the same time. This is clowning around with your boys, drinking beers and getting nuts at a show. I imagine on the right night, with the right crowd in the right place, these guys might be able to re-capture CBGB’s circa 1982. “Ugly On The Inside”, is a good record; it’s not the savior of punk rock/hardcore, but it’s pretty damn fun. Get a copy, throw it on and practice your stage dives off your couch; your downstairs neighbors are going to love it.  




-Tim Moffatt

SEND MORE PARAMEDICS, Thirty Days Of Night 10 Year Anniversary Fest, The Vox, Leeds, UK, April 12, 2014.


It is rare for victims from far and wide to converge on a room where a certain zombie epidemic is craved rather than feared. But Send More Paramedics are not your average undead. For the uninitiated SMP were four thrash metal-worshipping guys from Leeds. They somehow got infected and reanimated as B'Hellmouth, X Undead, Medico and El Diablo.


Between 2002 and 2007 they overcame their taste for brains long enough to record several albums which contain some of the finest hardcore-thrash crossover songs ever. Imagine early Slayer dead skin masking Stormtroopers Of Death whilst watching Misfits and DRI videos. Zombiecore was their thing before they announced their epitaph after a six year cycle.


Another six years have passed and SMP were coaxed into one last killing spree - two actually as a London date has been since announced - for the 10th anniversary edition of the annual fest organized by Leeds record label Thirty Days of Night.


Launching into “The Hordes”, it was left to the, ahem, hordes in the crowd to sing along as vocalist B'Hellmouth was still presumably fighting his way out of a Formaldehyde tank, or whatever it is that preserves the undead.


When he did shuffle onto the stage with a coughing of blood the crowd, many of them assuming zombie identities for the day, went even more bananas.


“The Pain of Being Dead” warmed up the bodies before “Blood Fever” is belted out larynx for larynx.

The wonderful five second genius of “Aim For The Head” is followed by a note perfect rendition of “Burning The Body”, which contains an aneurysm-inducing riff worthy of being penned by any thrash-master of the 80’s.


The carnage continued via “No Fucking Joke” and “Driven To Destruction”, taken from their breakthrough “The Hallowed and the Heathen” album. The only minor gripe I had is that SMP have so many good songs some were inevitably left off the set list – “Nothing Tastes Like This” and “Cranial Blowout” to name but a few.


"We're back motherfuckers, to spread our plague", warned B'Hellmouth, sweating profusely mid-set. 

Finishing with anthem “Zombie Crew” ...Check the video out here...  http://youtu.be/E24cByV4i9E  - no Halloween playlist should be without it, both band and crowd go wild amid a feeding frenzy of epic proportions.


It's not enough. An encore of “The Hordes”,  this time with words spewed forth from the stage, and again “Zombie Crew” - hardcore's “Thriller” - result in mashed brains and flailing limbs.

The band would not have wanted it any other way. They came to give us ghoulish nightmares. They left us with delightful, demonic dreams.

Rest In Pieces SMP.


-Tim Edwards


(Fast Break! Records, Released March 25, 2014)


I don't know about you but to me it seems like Wisdom In Chains has about 500 releases or more out there so far and now we add the short but not to be overlooked “We Never Sleep” EP to that list.


This precursor to their upcoming full length features 2 new tracks in “Exodus” and “When We Were Young” with the flip side containing two Product Of Waste covers.


All the focus for me has been on these two new tracks which show Wisdoms’ continuous strong song writing abilities.  If you know this band’s music you already know they bring it in regards to being one of the heavier hardcore bands on the scene today. What sets these guys apart though is the fact that they keep things fresh with the structural makeup of their songs (guitar solos, songs with melodies) and you can usually count on them to be actually saying something of meaning in their lyrics as is the case again here. These guys must have at least 10 or more songs where I can say damn those are some well thought out lyrics. I just get these guys or they get me...I don't know. Either way I love this band. I do prefer a nice 30 minute or so full length to a short EP with just two new tracks but I will take it and really look forward to whatever is cooking up over at the Stroudsburg PA headquarters of one of the realest bands out there today.





THE HAMMER- Demo 2014


Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s biggest and best musical export? At The Gates of course. And the active-again thrash metal legends could do a lot worse than to bring along homeboys The Hammer to warm up the studded wristband masses on their tour in support of the upcoming new album.


If Entombed jammed with Siege whilst Backtrack was kicking low on the stereo in the background, you have The Hammer.


Opener “Is This Life” is part power-violence, part Integrity-lite, the dirge, crust sound continues in “Comprehension” whilst “Born To Lose” brings up the rear in brutal fashion.

A band definitely worth keeping an eye on.






-Tim Edwards

PERFECT PEOPLE – “BOTH DEMOS” (Released November 2013)


We are so accustomed to polished, professional demos these days that it is so easy to forget and appreciated the organic rawness captured on those glorious early hardcore releases of the tape trading era.


Plenty of diamonds have been unearthed from the rough - hell, those tracks laid down by Minor Threat, Bad Brains, etc are still revered today despite sounding like they were recorded beneath Atlantis.


St Louis quintet Perfect People “suffer”- if you will - from the same problem. But, then again, the odd out of tune guitar moment on a modest mix is part of its charm.

“Thanks, But No Thanks” is a discordant riot whilst “11th and Bleaker” opens with the sort of stompy riff that the skins and oi! brigade lap up on their way to leaping like salmons.


Drew's vocals are reminiscent of As Friends Rust - too spoken to be shouty and too shouty to be spoken. For fans of Altered Boys, AFR and Judge, Perfect People might not have laid down the perfect demo yet, but who cares? Encouraging stuff and hopefully a sign of things to come.  


(Also available on cassette from the band)






-Tim Edwards


YUPPICIDE, and STIGMA. March 29, 2014 @ The Grand Victory, Brooklyn, NY.

All photos and review by: Scoot Horton 

In 1988 Reagan was in office, the crack epidemic was in full swing, Prozac was introduced, and No Redeeming Social Value was born. Flash forward to 2014. Reagan is dead but crack, Prozac, and No Redeeming Social Value are still here. Coincidence? Good question. On March 29th we came together to celebrate the existence of probably one of the most fun bands in NYHC history, No Redeeming Social Value. The only way NRSV could, with lots of friends and lots of beer.

The brew started flowing with the two Man up first


The party started even before the bands started playing. Grand Victory had cases of Olde English on hand just for this occasion and they were going down. Everyone was getting loose waiting for the show to start. The first band to go on was Two Man Advantage. A hard checking, party hardy frenzy of songs about hockey, drinking, and cars. What more could you ask for? They got the crowd singing along and jumping around. With songs like “Zamboni Driving Maniac” (love it), “Hot Rod Gto”, and “H.O.C.K.E.Y.” how can you not have a good time?


Jesse being Jesse as Yuppicide keeps the night rolling along


Up next was one of my personal favorites. I am very glad they got back together a few years ago. The band I’m talking about is Yuppicide. Jesse and the boys have great songs and Jesse is a very theatrical front man. The crowd was into them from the start. Jesse had his skull make up on, bunny ears, and shorts made of stuffed animals. Quite an interesting look. They played “Yellow Journalism”, “Socialization”, “Fistful Of Credit Cards” from their first era. They also did a couple of new songs. One nice thing about Yuppicide is the new songs are just as good as the older songs. These guys didn’t reunite to disappoint.




To keep the party going, next up was the Godfather of NYHC, Vinnie Stigma and his band Stigma. As all of you should know Vinnie is the guitarist for Agnostic Front but when he’s not touring the world with them

he’s fronting his own band Stigma. Stigma doesn’t go out there and just copy Agnostic Front’s sound. They are a more melodic hardcore punk band and have some great sing along songs that got the crowd joining in. Songs like “New York Blood” can do that every time. It looks like Vinnie is having a ball up there singing his songs. They are always great fun.


Dean Thrilla & NRSV rockin the mic like it's 1988


Next was what everyone there was waiting for. No Redeeming Social Value. After the A-Team theme music intro they kicked right in with “Beer Equals Fun” and the crowd was jumping and singing along. They kept the mayhem rolling with classics like “Chicken” and songs they don’t play often like “I Hate Everyone” (one of my favorites). They brought out old drummer Pete the Meat for the songs “Clueless” and “Piece of the Axxxe”. Pete exited the stage and out came Mike Dixon (vocals), Scott Cumbo (bass) and Vinnie Value (drums). This lineup started with “Intro/Bust” (Warzone) and jumped right in with “ASPCA”, “Old-E”, and “Skinheads Rule”.


Past and present members of NRSV cheesing it up after the gig 


The whole time I’m getting thrown around and ducking just to try to keep my teeth. The place was moving. Kevin Gill also came out and sang a song. He had replaced Mike Dixon on vocals for a short time back in the mid 90’s. Glen and Franko came back out to finish the set. It was a really cool night. I left there completely drenched from the show. Walking outside you could see the steam coming off of everyone in the cool night air. I bet you back in 1988 the guys in No Redeeming Social Value would have never of guessed that there would be a chance of the band lasting for 25 years. I’m sure they all feel lucky but we should too because we’ve gotten a chance to drink and sing with the boys for the last 25 years.

rbultad- “Hårt mot hårt” (Released January 24, 2014)


            I previously reviewed Mörbultad’s debut EP, “HBG Hardcore” which was released in September, and loved it the second I started listening to it. I was stoked to find out that they were releasing a follow up so soon, and my mind was blown and I was wondering if they could match the adrenaline and overall solid sound that is their first EP. “Hårt mot hårt” not only met my expectations, but definitely exceeded them. For those unfamiliar with Mörbultad, you have been missing out! These guys are a DIY 4-piece hardcore band from Sweden, and though their songs are mostly in Swedish, they play with an enormous amount of passion and aggression that everyone can understand. There is a huge amount of aggression and passion in these songs, but there’s also a ton of groove; I continue to be impressed by the how well the bass and guitar complement each other and flow with the blistering drums and gritty vocals. This heavy, gnarly EP is played with expert finesse that keeps everything sounding tight and together and insanely polished. I’m a huge fan of these guys, and I hope they get a chance to come play in the States, because I’m sure their live performance is insane. “Hårt mot hårt” is another somewhat brief EP, clocking in at almost 14 minutes. I think this plays to Mörbultads advantage, since Im definitely left wanting more. I’m really stoked on this EP, and I really cannot wait to see what Mörbultad will come out with next. “Hårt mot hårt” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud, so there is no reason you can’t check it out for yourself!






-Ali X Pope

SOLD SHORT- “Winter Demo” (Released January 23, 2014)


            Dallas hardcore has been gaining a lot of attention on the national spectrum lately, and a lot of sweet bands have been getting attention from all over the place. Sold Short is gearing up to be one of those very bands, and it’s attention well deserved. Their winter demo is a solid, gritty slice of hardcore that’s awesome from start to finish. Well-crafted lyrics barked over gnarly, mosh-worthy riffs are accented by the not-quite-perfect recording quality that keeps the DIY aesthetic without sacrificing the ability to actually hear what is being played. At only 10-ish minutes this fast-paced, pissed off demo will have you headbanging from the start. It’s hard to choose a favorite song, but I’d say that “Hellbent” is my favorite. Though all the other tracks are fast and heavy, “Hellbent” seems like it’s got every last bit of energy poured into it, and it’s awesome. You’re going to be hearing a lot about these guys in the future, so be sure to check them out!






-Ali X Pope

COMEBACK KID, BACKTRACK @ Santos Party House NYC February 26, 2014 

ALL photos & review by: Joseph Carey of JC Photo Media

Comeback Kid. February 26, 2014 by: Joseph Carey

Nearly 15 years in Comeback Kid have released their heaviest album yet called “Die Knowing”. The tour hit Santo’s Party House in Manhattan on February 26th. Heading to the club I wasn’t sure how many people would be there. I’d seen CBK a few times but never as a headliner and definitely not on a Wednesday night. Walking into the club I was excited to see a packed house and a full pit for the opening bands Downpresser, Xibalba, and Long Island natives Backtrack. Downpresser and Xibalba I hadn’t’ heard before but both played a super tight brand of metallic hardcore that had the crowd moving. Neither band fit my preconceived view of a band that would be opening for Comeback Kid but the crowd definitely was into it.


Backtrack hit the stage with a more traditional hardcore sound and the crowd showed love for the locals from the first song to the last. A tight and energetic set from a band that has been grinding it out for a long while now and deserves the support.

BACKTRACK of Long Island, NY opening for Comeback Kid @ Santos Party House, NYC

Headliners Comeback Kid arrived without any of the headliner histrionics that are standard these days. No 30 minute wait. No excessive soundcheck when they arrived. A simple “We’re Comeback Kid” and the start of the set. From beginning to end Andrew and the band kept up the energy with Comeback Kid’s signature onslaught of hardcore sing-a-longs. They didn’t have the pit intensity that some of the earlier bands did but that was because so many people were stage diving and doing sing-a-long pile ups near the stage.


The band played a set mixed between old tunes and new songs from the record “Die Knowing”. The new songs are heavier but maintain the sing-a-longs of the classic Comeback Kid tracks so the crowd didn’t fade away during the new tracks. Andrew made a point to teach the chorus to “Broken Arrows” before the song and invited the crowd to participate. 

Comeback Kid. February 26, 2014

As would be expected the band closed with “Wake The Dead”.


“Coming alive, something stirs inside This isn't over yet

Shake off the dirt

Swallow regret

Stop living under the weight

Living under the weight of regret

Your regrets


Don't let it happen to you


Which side are you gonna choose?

'cause I believe, I believe it's in you RISE!


We said, we said, we said

This time was gonna be different


Comeback Kid. February 26, 2014

Fitting lyrics for the closer of a packed hardcore show on a Wednesday night in NYC. The crowd ate it up and hopefully left knowing that Hardcore in NYC will never die.

CRUMBSUCKERS “TURN BACK TIME…THE EARLY YEARS 1983-1985” LP (FOAD Records, Released January 2014)


An important part of hardcore music history resurfaces some 30 years after the fact with this FOAD Records (Italy) release. In 1986 Long Island NY's Crumbsuckers dropped their hardcore/crossover classic "Life Of Dreams" with Chris Notaro on vocals but the band's history stretches back a few years before that and that time period is what this "reissue" focuses on. Before Notaro the bands lead singer was Dave Brady and this material is from his run as the frontman. Once you peel away the plastic wrapping off this double LP you are smacked in the face with a shit load of various photos, flyers, and notes including one from Dave explaining that a lot of what is on this release has been floating around the Internet for a while and that the folks at FOAD approached him and showed him how they could restore some of the lost quality. The result is 60 plus songs including a 1983 "Crumbsucker Cave" demo, a 1985 “Charge Of The Light Brigade” demo, the November 1983 tape and an April 1984 tape. As if that wasn't enough a 31 song CD is inserted into the double LP and contains another 31 songs from 3 separate CBGB shows in '84 and ‘85. Many of the songs do appear on “Life Of Dreams” and although the CBGB tracks are 2 years prior to “Life Of Dreams” they are played almost exactly the same without much tinkering. In my opinion Notaro is better than Brady sound wise but Dave more than holds his own here and was behind some of the more memorable lyrics that came along with that '86 classic debut that he was not a part of. I have to point out that the packaging here is absolutely SICK with that gatefold layout with awesome artwork, the previously mentioned photos, flyers and the whole shebang. On the vinyl side of things the 2 LP’s contain music on 3 out of the 4 sides with disc 2 having a silk screened Crumbsucker on the side not containing music. The CD with the live CBGB tracks is a simple cardboard case with some more awesome artwork. Much like those infomercials that keep throwing extras in to the deal “Turn Back Time” throws in everything pre-Notaro except the kitchen sink. If you are a Crumbsucker enthusiast this is a must have collectible. You more than likely will not ditch “Life Of Dreams” for this but having this in the collection makes you appreciate the band more as you follow them from garage band to the band who dropped one of the most influential albums I have ever come across.







ALL FOR NOTHING “WHAT LIES WITHIN US” (GSR Music, Release Date April 18, 2014)


In 2012 All For Nothing set the bar for their musical attack high with their GSR release titled "To Live And Die For". That release had 13 songs clocking in at around 30 minutes and here we are just about 2 years later looking at a brand new 12 song 32 minute release fresh from AFN laboratories. For those still unfamiliar with these guys/girl their style is one that would make fans of Comeback Kid or Sick Of It All have a huge shit eaters grin on their face after hearing this. The band takes what they have built on in previous efforts and continues to build further with catchy sing-a-longs, fast thrashy parts and some killer breakdowns set to some thought provoking lyrics. “Luctor Et Emergo”, “Five Leaf Clover”, and the closer “Under A Different Sun” are just a few examples of a strong lyrical approach layered on top of the previously mentioned awesome music. This combo of well written songs and lyrical awareness points to everyone at team AFN doing their jobs to the max... and this is after having a few lineup changes since that 2012 release as well. Cindy behind the mic delivers once again and I just love her style...mostly because you don't listen to it and say "oh she's good for a girl"... she is just good period, end of story. I rarely even think of a gender when I hear her vocals as they just fit the music like a glove. “What Lies Within Us” takes a few chances here and there and succeeds with a touch more melody mixed in than last time as well as a two minute instrumental titled “Black Damp” which reminds me a bit of “Orion” off of Metallica's “Master Of Puppets”...  To sum things up this release has been on constant play at home and in the car going on a month now and if it takes them another 2 years to deliver me another dozen songs like this or better I will sign up for that right now.







VIOLENT STOMP “DEMO 2014” (Released March 5, 2014)


Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Violent Stomp are full of old style hardcore aggression. I've been listening to their 6 song demo for about a week now and I really can't think of much else to say other than this shit makes me wanna violently stomp my way across my apartment, the subway train, avenue crossing, really wherever I happen to be listening to it. Fast riffs, and hard breaks that hit like a cinderblock dropped on your head from a ten story roof. By no means is this a re-invention of hardcore, but a really well crafted tribute to mid/late 90's/ early 2000's era hardcore stylings. Think along the lines of Floorpunch, The Rival Mob, Gut Instinct.... you get the idea. When it comes down to it, hardcore is street music, and Violent Stomp sounds like that’s exactly where they're from.









I missed a couple of openers while having dinner with my parents, but I got to the show in time for the Worriers. Despite featuring the drummer for The Ergs! they were just okay. Real mellow indie rock, like a much more sedate Texas Is The Reason or a slightly more rocking Mineral, either way a little dry. For my taste, the rhythm section needed to be heavier, but whatcha gonna do.


Nuclear Santa Claust, who was killer, followed the Worriers. They sounded like The Melvins or PIssed Jeans, but with fast punky parts. Despite lacking a lead singer, the guitarist and bassist brought the energy. The venue didn’t have a stage, so as the set progressed, the two mic stands got closer and closer to the audience until there was a good ten feet between the band and the drummer. The guitarist seemed to be doing everything in his power not to attack the crowd, while the bassist stumbled around behind him. It was heavy, chaotic and rad. And if you doubt their rawness, I noticed that the people I knew at the show were either very enthused or spent the set hanging out in the parking lot. I feel that with punk, being polarizing is never a bad thing.

Iron Chic @ Warren American Legion. Photo by: Carl Gunhouse


I love Iron Chic. It took me a couple of listens, but the new record has been on constant rotation, though I still think the lyrics are a little over the top emotionally. They’re the kind of band that at a certain age might mean the world to you, but as an adult takes a little explaining as to why they were so awesome. But I turned a corner with them, and I am all in. Their set was great, and the kids seem to love them. I rocked out and sang along. It was like seeing a poppier early Hot Water Music. I am digging them.


Seems like Iron Chic was a little bit more of draw than Night Birds, but it was good to see the Night Birds doing a headlining set. I’ve said a bunch how much I love the Night Birds, so two quick stories about their awesomeness. First, Dave Murphy showed up at the show with subs from the deli he owns. Besides fronting the short-lived Get Down featuring Anthony from In My Eyes, Dave Murphy was a dude a couple years ahead of me in high school. Upon hearing I had gone to a hardcore show, he introduced himself and gave me a mixed tape of hardcore I needed to know. From then on, he turned me on to lots of good stuff and drove me to shows up and down the eastern seaboard. Murphy doesn’t go to shows as much anymore now that he is a successful business owner of the Towne Deli and all, but he has been loving the last Night Birds LP, and bam, the dude shows up at the show with subs for the band.


Two, I teach college kids photography for a living, and on the first day of class, I have the kids introduce themselves. This semester I had a kid say he was into Punk.


 I asked, “Oh, who do you like for the punk?”

“Oh, you wouldn’t have heard of them.”

“Try me.”

“Um… the Night Birds.”

“Born To Die in Suburbia. Yeah, I know the Night Birds.”


Blew his mind and earned me all kinds of cool teacher points, so, yeah, the Night Birds are rad, got Dave Murphy to a show and made me seem cool to students. Can’t say enough about my enthusiasm for them.


-Carl Gunhouse


Night Birds @ Warren American Legion. Photo by: Carl Gunhouse