MAY 26, 2023




DEAD HEAT have dropped the first single off of their upcoming 5 song EP titled “Endless Torment” which is due out on July 28th through TRIPLE B RECORDS. Click HERE to listen to the title track and HERE for pre-orders.


California’s FREEWILL will be releasing a split 7” with SPARK OF LIFE on NEW AGE RECORDS (release date TBD). Freewill who originally got their start back in 1987 have already released their tracks with a video for “The Weight” and a stream of “As We Sleep”. Freewill has an interesting story as told by their press info sent to us recently…


“Freewill is a southern California melodic punk band formed in 1987 when some friends came together to blend their love of DC hardcore (Dag Nasty/Embrace) and West Coast punk (7 Seconds/Descendents). The band's first show was opening for Agnostic Front and the Offspring in 1988. Around this time, the band was approached by Wishingwell Records and they started recording for their debut album. The record was engineered and produced by Bill Krodel (Dag Nasty, Inside Out, Chain of Strength). Soon after, Wishingwell Records dissolved without warning or much explanation and the record was never released. Shortly after that, the members were all involved in different music projects and going their own directions.


Fast forward to 2015, that record, titled “Sun Return”, was released on New Age Records 28 years after it was recorded. The original members reunited for a benefit show for their friend Jon Bunch (Sense Field) who had tragically passed. This reunion sparked a fire to write new music and they started playing shows again (w/ Dag Nasty, Samiam, Texas Is The Reason). The output of those writing sessions was a brand new album, “All This Time”, which was recorded by producer/engineer Paul Miner and released on Unity Worldwide Records in 2021. Since then the band has been playing shows and working on new material, teaming up with Paul Miner again for their two new songs on their forthcoming split with Spark Of Life, “The Weight” and “As We Sleep.”  Pre-order info can be found HERE



Concrete Ties 2023

Over the past few weeks Pittsburgh’s POWER OF FEAR have released a few new singles ahead of their 9 song debut album titled “A Breed Apart” which is due out on June 30th through DAZE. The tracks “Eye To Eye”, “Tears Of Shame” and “Walk The Walk” can be heard HERE with pre-orders for their CD available HERE


Check out a new teaser video clip for the upcoming CONCRETE TIES EP titled “Unrecognizable” which is a split release between PATIENT ZERO RECORDS (12’ vinyl) and UPSTATE RECORDS (CD).  

"Concrete Ties blends fast-paced drumming with a guitar-centric thrash metal/beatdown vibe. Born out of Western Massachusetts this four piece brings together members from New York City, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. On vocals Leyla Eileen's fierce screams will inspire rage in all who dare to step foot on the floor. Old school trash metal riffs mixed with chunky palm mutes are sure to please any metal or hardcore fan. Features members of Full Blown Chaos, Blood Has Been Shed, and Fear Your Life. Vinyl is limited to 200 copies. Vinyl is pressed on Eco Mix, colors will vary." 


Click HERE for pre-orders through Patient Zero Records.


MAY 20, 2023

The Chisel Photo by: Gavin Watson



London’s THE CHISEL are back with a new single and video for the track “Cry Your Eyes Out”. The band recently signed to Pure Noise Records who recently re-issued their debut album “Retaliation”. Recorded by John Atkinson and produced by Jonah Falco (Chubby & The Gang, High Vis, Fucked Up) the new single is a high energy blend of Oi! hooks and hardcore stomp that's sure to please fans of all things loud and catchy.


"The Chisel's sound is rooted in aggressive punk, but it's their ability to pack a melodic punch has allowed them to stand out from the pack. Vocalist Callum Graham discussed the new track, saying:
"'Cry Your Eyes Out' was written collectively in our old practice room and it was the first song we wrote after “Retaliation” had been released. Musically we wanted to try and build on the more expansive moments of “Retaliation”. The verses are driven by a simple old-school rock'n'roll style riff which then gives way to dual leads and multi-layered guitars in the chorus, creating a thick melodic sound. Some references we threw around at the time of writing were The Replacements, Ramones and Leatherface. Lyrically, it’s about treating the person you love with respect and never taking them for granted because it can all fall like a pack of cards at any moment.”

The band will also be taking their live show on the road this spring, performing with The Chats in the UK, Agnostic Front and GBH in the U.S. and several festival appearances in the summer. The UK portion kicked off in Manchester on May 19th and runs through the 27th before things switch to the U.S. on May 29th where they will make 2 appearances at Las Vegas’ Punk Rock Bowling. Their Southwest U.S. run continues through June 8th in Austin, TX with future dates spanning all the way into October. Stay locked in HERE for further details including info on their upcoming album which should be out later this year. 


Speed photo by: James Hartley

“SPEED- S.E. ASIA HARDCORE” is a new 19 minute documentary centered around Australia’s Speed and their recent March tour of Southeast Asia that saw them play four intense shows with absolute raucous crowds. The band kicked the tour off with Whispers in Thailand, before getting a quick lesson on the history of hardcore in Singapore. Band members and brothers Jem and Aaron connect with their roots in Malaysia, and the tour concludes with a chaotic carpark show in Indonesia. Despite the language barriers and cultural differences, hardcore in the region is truly alive and spin-kicking and Speed showcase the connectivity of the scene on a worldwide scale.


The documentary was produced by Darryl Carulli at 510Haven, and directed by Carulli and Speed, you can watch it HERE now. Speed will keep the momentum going as they are joined by Scowl and Sunami for an Australian tour in late May culminating at Back On The Map Festival. They’ll then head to Europe for the first time for headline shows, with Zulu on select dates, and a performance at Outbreak Festival alongside Denzel Curry, Trapped Under Ice, and more. Speed will wrap things up as they head to the United States for the third time for performances at Sound and Fury in Los Angeles and This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia. As usual, stay locked in HERE for all things Speed. 


Long Island’s KOYO have a new video/single for the song “You’re On The List (Minus One)” off of their upcoming “Would You Miss It” LP which is due out on September 29th on Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders for this 11 song LP/CD (and tons of new merch) can be found HERE. Koyo are currently on a 15 date U.S. tour alongside No Pressure, Illusion and Fleshwater. On June 22nd Koyo kicks off a 13 date UK/EU tour in Glasgow (again with Fleshwater) that runs through July 8th where things wrap up at the 2000 Trees Fest in Cheltenham, UK. 


Lynwood, CA’s MORE TO PRIDE and WAR RECORDS are teaming up to release the band’s new 2 song s/t EP on a very limited edition lathe cut 7”. This is More To Pride’s first new recording since their “This Is Life” release which came out in 2005. The new 7” was limited to just 50 copies so if you missed out make sure to check out the new songs digitally by clicking HERE


WAR RECORDS will also be releasing the new “Years Of Lead” album from Milwaukee’s WORLD I HATE due out on June 2nd. Initially formed at the end of 2018, World I Hate released their debut EP “Collapse” in 2020 and played their first show in 2021. The band performs a brand of hyper-competent, no frills hardcore that combines the best parts of the genre’s last 25 or so years into a potent and hard-hitting formula that’s nearly impossible to dislike. Two of the 11 new tracks (“Ghandi Trap” and “Safer In Jail”) are available to stream now by clicking HERE with 12” vinyl (and merch) pre-orders available HERE


Belgium’s CHAIN REACTION have released a new stand-alone single titled “Graceless” which was originally recorded for a compilation that never materialized. Their “Figurehead” EP from 2020 really caught our attention when it came out and led to an In Effect interview with their singer Bjorn and drummer Murph. Chain Reaction are currently writing for their next release which should start tracking in the fall and contain at least 6 brand new tracks. 


After numerous digital only releases that date back to the spring of 2018 NY’s CRAZY EDDIE are set to make their debut on vinyl when they release the 5 song “Eddie Puts Out A 7 Inch” on Rockin’ Rex Records. A limited run of 400 copies will be pressed on white vinyl with a release date still TBA in the coming weeks. Crazy Eddie’s next gig is on June 10th at The Meadows in Brooklyn, NY. The show will be headlined by Fahrenheit 451 with Enziguri and Overstand opening for guitarist Lenny Bednarz’ (F451/Crazy Eddie guitarist) 50th Birthday Bash. In the meantime you can check out “Eddie Ruins Fun”, Crazy Eddie’s last release by clicking HERE


CALLING HOURS who got their start in the summer of 2022 feature Popeye Vogelsang from Farside on vocals as well as Tom McGrath, Garrett Rothman, Jim Bedorf and Tony Bavaria all from the band Don’t Sleep. The band recently announced that they will be releasing their debut 7 song LP titled “Say Less” later this year on REVELATION RECORDS. The track “Curtain Call” can be sampled via a short promo-video that was recently put out by Rev. Click HERE to check it out. 


TOMAR CONTROL from Peru (who we recently found on the “Stronger Together, Women Of The Pit” compilation) have a new single out for the track “Secta” which will be on their upcoming EP titled “Incendiaria” due out on June 16th. Click HERE to listen to “Secta”. 


ANKLEBITER (who dub themselves as “Northeast Straight Edge”) have a new video/single out for the song “Pearl” which is off of their upcoming “To Live And Withstand” EP. The 7 song 7” is available for pre-order through Sunday Drive Records and is due out on May 27th. You can also check out their previous release which was their “Demo 2022” that came out last June by clicking HERE


NY’s THE CAR BOMB PARADE are currently promoting a “direct to vinyl live session” offer where you can choose one of their songs to be performed live and then pressed on to your own personal lathe cut 7”. The band has a list of their songs you can choose from (including 3 unreleased ones from a future release) and you can request a personal message to be delivered before they perform the song you select. Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Brooklyn will host the band on June 3rd for this session. Click HERE to find out more. 


Released just a few days ago and coming to us all the way from Singapore is the debut 2 song demo from  MYSTIQUE who are heavily influenced by NYHC bands such as Cro-Mags, Dmize, The Icemen, and Dynamo.


"Mystique delivers an intense and authentic hardcore experience with the tracks "Masquerade" and "Face Your Fate”. Mystique showcases their passion, energy, and commitment to keeping the spirit of Lion City Hardcore alive".

Click HERE to check them out. 



Back in April Michigan’s BIG DEAL released a new single titled “Upper Hand” which marks their first release on Heroes & Martyrs Records


"The song’s big riffs and shout along lyrics were written to be a staple of the band’s high-energy live show. Musically, Big Deal pulls influences from classic metal acts like Megadeth and Slayer, just as much as Negative Approach and Carry On. Formed in 2021, Big Deal are 5 friends who wanted to bring a fresh perspective and sound to hardcore. The band debuted with their EP, “Great Deal Of Pain”, in that same year and have since grown to be one of the Midwest’s must-watch acts having already played shows with Never Ending Game, Fiddlehead, Trash Talk, and Mindforce".


Big Deal are currently working on an EP set to be released later this year on Heroes & Martyrs. In the meantime check out their “Great Deal Of Pain” release by clicking HERE


APRIL 30, 2023 




Long Island NY’s Crime Pays have released a new single titled “Slave” which is the first single from their upcoming sophomore EP “Lawless” which will be released this June. The band plans on releasing another single in May and have July 30th locked in for a hometown show with Become One and others.


Long Island, NY’s Crime Pays incorporates elements of punk hardcore, groove metal and hip-hop with a strong message against the globalist agenda. Displaying their talents from a street lifestyle kin to highly influential bands like Madball, Biohazard and Cold As Life. Fronted by the seminal 90’s LIHC vocalist Mike Rubino of Tension*, Crime Pays carries the torch of a pillar built on DIY, real recognize real and fuck you attitudes. While the world was coming to a state of lockdowns in March of 2020 the band decided to release their debut EP “Corruption At It’s Finest” that very week. A record that laid the groundwork of an exploration into the topics of the underworld, addiction, secret societies, elite agendas, suicide, mind control and other elements society likes to turn its eyes from. 2023 will see the band double down on these ideas when “Lawless” is released in June.  Click HERE to check out “Slave” on Spotify.