Artwork by: PHECK. Graphics by: Bas Spierings

IN THE MIRROR comes to us via the boombox of Mr. Lewis Dimmick…native New Yorker, guitar player and more recently author… Ya see kids way back when...before computers dominated our everyday lives hardcore music still existed but you had to work a little harder to see it, to hear it and to live it. Back in his teen years of the late 1980’s Lew could be found on most Thursday nights with his radio set up to record the must hear live sets and interviews on WNYU's Crucial Chaos Radio Show. His cassettes survived the test of time and in more recent years were digitized and will now be fed on to this page with new installments a couple of times a month. You may remember Lew from the band Our Gang which had their heyday in the late 80's as well as his contributions to the band My Rifle which released a self titled 7 inch in 2012. More recently Lew wrote a book called This Music which tells his story of growing up on NY's Staten Island and being into heavy metal, punk rock, and hardcore music. You can order his book by visiting the link at the bottom of this page. The name In The Mirror comes from the old Warzone track of the same name and also the music and interviews Lew is sharing gives us a chance to look back at what a lot of us grew up on. As this page evolves we will try to tap into other sources of media from days gone by so stay tuned. We all have stories of moms throwing stuff out that was thought to be not valuable or thought not to be wanted anymore so we would like to give a big shout out and thank you to Lew’s mom Linda for not allowing that to happen!!!

***All band intros written by Lewis Dimmick unless noted. Click photos/graphics to listen. 


TOKEN ENTRY interview on Crucial Chaos WNYU & Giant Studios Recording of "The Edge"

Photo by: Ken Salerno, Graphics by: Bas Spierings

KRAKDOWN live on Crucial Chaos WNYU

UNDERDOG (with Carl The Mosher on vocals) live on Crucial Chaos WNYU & Carl The Mosher Demo

THE NY HOODS interview on Crucial Chaos WNYU

GORILLA BISCUITS Interview on Crucial Chaos WNYU

WARZONE: Interview & Live on Crucial Chaos WYNU

STRAIGHT AHEAD: Interview on Crucial Chaos WNYU

Click photo to listen. Photo by: Bri Hurley

YOUTH OF TODAY: Interview on Crucial Chaos WNYU

Click photo to listen

ALTERCATION: Interview on Crucial Chaos WNYU



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Old Crucial Chaos Radio Show ad circa 1990's