WARZONE: Interview on Crucial Chaos WYNU



Interviewed the same day as Youth Of Today, both bands were promoting records they were about to release: "Break Down The Walls" for Youth Of Today and the "Lower East Side Crew" EP for Warzone. Raybeez announces the  start of matinees at the Pyramid Club. I’d like to go back in time to see that first Pyramid show again: Sick Of It All, Token Entry, and Warzone. Not bad! Interesting lineup at this moment in time, including Walter and Arthur from Gorilla Biscuits. Todd Youth had just left Warzone to join Murphy’s Law and there seems to be some “schism” being talked around. Raybies and Brad (Batmite) talk about introducing a go-go girl into their act, which was very likely an influence from the "Licensed To Ill" era Beastie Boys. 

Run time: 7:20


WARZONE: Live on Crucial Chaos WNYU



When Raybeez introduces Warzone live on WNYU, he is so full of life. His energy level is crazy, and it embodies the Lower East Side of New York City. Before the band even starts to  play , you are not only paying full attention but you are excited. Something good is about to happen. Run time: 16:12