GORILLA BISCUITS Interview on Crucial Chaos WNYU


Gorilla Biscuits @ This Is Hardcore Fest 2012. Photo by: Anne Spina


Oops! For all you youngsters out there, at about 14 seconds into this interview you can hear the sound drop out for a second. That’s the sound of a kid in the ‘80s accidentally hitting record on his tape deck and recording over what is already on the tape. Can you accidentally record over an MP3? No, you can’t! Anyway…


I guess I’ve written some stuff about Crucial Chaos already without paying proper tribute to the beautiful voice that accompanied all this raw, hard music. Her radio name was Spermicide; her real name was Marlene. All my friends and I fell in love with her from the sound of her voice alone. I remember meeting her when Our Gang played on WNYU and feeling like I was meeting a big star. She was as essential to the Crucial Chaos experience as all the great bands were. You know what else I loved about her? When introducing a song, she didn’t say ridiculous things like, “Yo, peep this next joint kid, its mad dope son, yea boyeee!!!” In my day we didn’t talk like that, and if we did we were mocking people who talked like that. Anyway…


This interview is only 6 minutes long, but you’re not even a minute into it and you have two legendary names in NYHC mentioned: Duane from Some Records and Don Fury. All the bands of the day went to Don Fury to record live to two-track. Our Gang went there 4 times. Don Fury would set the levels for you and once you were satisfied, and maybe sometimes even if you weren’t, he would leave you alone to do your business and return at the end of the session, which for us was always two hours. It was always an exciting feeling to leave there with a tape in your hand of new recordings. Actually, the band would argue over who would get to buy the tape for the session and therefore get to bring the tape home. A regular tape was for amateurs. If you wanted to do it right, you bought a chrome tape. If you wanted even better than doing it right, you bought a metal tape.


Oh, and what did we learn from this interview? We learned that Gorilla Biscuits were named after a Quaalude. I needed spell check to help me spell that word.  Run time 6:03