Art by: Chun Guo
Down To Nothing "No Leash"
Turnstile "Canned Heat"
Zombie Fight "Reconnect"
Adjudgement "Let's Dance"
Rock Bottom "Mirror/Mirror"
Overthrown "No End In Sight"
World Eater "About To Fall"
Inner Self "Bringing The Rage Back"
Harm's Way "Mind Control
Denouncer "Crooked Path"
Rotting Out "No Clue"
Xibalba "Hasta La Muerte"
96 "Had Enough"
0Fight8 "Stuck"
Scrapers "Babylon Burns"
Rumour Mill "Thunder And Enlightening"
Bullet Treatment "Ex-Breathers"
Last Hope "Alive"
Stigma "Don't Lose Faith"
Suicidal Tendencies "Cyco Style"
Terror "Live By The Code"
Yuppicide "Too Late"
Devil In Me "On My Own"
Olde York "Peeling Paint"
Strength Approach "In The Belly Of The Beast"
Sheer Terror NYC December 30, 2012
Cro-Mags NYC Decemeber 30, 2012
Cruel Hand "Cheap Life"
Knuckledust "London Zoo"
Cro-Mags "We Gotta Know"
Strife "Torn Apart"
Kids Insane "Same Shit, Different Scene"
Kids Insane "Story Of A Lonely Street"
Overthrown "Intro/Never Again"
Born From Pain (Thailand) "Rebuild"
Madball "Pride"
Ripface Invasion "To Not Give In"
Death Will Come "At The Wheel Of The World"
Backtrack "Erase The Rat" Reaper Records
Last Hope "Someone Else"
Madball "The Beast"
Gallows "Last June" Bridge 9 Records
Yuppicide performing new track "American Oblivion" and more @ Sinclair's Pub in West Islip, NY. August 12, 2012. Video shot by: Izzy Borden
Take Me Back "Dias Liquidos"
Absolution "Dead And Gone" Live at Webster Hall NYC July 6, 2012, by Ms Izzy B
Agnostic Front "Us Against The World"
Sheer Terror "Just Can't Hate Enough" July 21, 2012. Amityville, NY. Video by: Jammi Sloane York
Knuckledust "Bluffs, Lies, Alibis"
The Mob "Back To Queens"
Strength Approach "With Or Without You"
Two Man Advantage - "Drink the Bar Dry"
Two Man Advantage - "Hot Rod GTO"
Truth In Needles - "Against the Grain"
Expire "Abyss" (Bridge 9 Records)
Take Offense "T.O. Zone" (Reaper Records)
All For Nothing - "Dead to Me" & "Twisted Tongues" A BlankTV
No Redeeming Social Value - "Super Fun Time Party Girl"
Wisdom In Chains "Ghost of Buddy"
Devil In Me "The End"
All For Nothing "Tried & True"
Bloodline Ltd "Fists Raised"
Truth In Needles "All Bets Are Off"
Last Call Brawl "On the Up"
Trapped Under Ice "Pleased To Meet You"
Caught In A Trap "Driven"
Downlow NYHC "The Pressure"
No Redeeming Social Value "Still Drinking - NRSV"
Wisdom In Chains "Chasing the Dragon"
Wisdom In Chains "Back to the Ocean"
Wisdom In Chains "My Friend"
Terror "The New Blood"
Fed Up! "Elimination"
Broloaf "Champions on Parade"
Maximum Penalty "Life and Times"
The Last Stand "Opportunities Lost and Found"