MARCH 18, 2012



After a few weeks of speculation, guess work, rumors etc Rancid was named as the headliners for this years Black N Blue Bowl which will take place on May 20th at Webster Hall in NYC. The announcement came on the Black N Blue Takeover Radio Show and a short promo clip dropped shortly afterwards. Click the Black N Blue logo to watch the trailer.

INHUMAN launches Kickstarter campaign to re-release 2003 recording on vinyl

1124 Records and Inhuman have started a Kickstarter page to raise money needed to release Inhuman’s 2003 release “The New Nightmare” on limited vinyl. Only 300 copies will be pressed along with a limited edition t-shirt designed by Inhuman’s Hank Hell. The release will be Inhuman’s first 12” vinyl release in the bands 17 year history. All money raised will go towards the release and the more you contribute, the more you will get in return. Contributions can be as little as $1. Visit this link for more info:

FAST BREAK! RECORDS Up-coming Releases

PA’s Fast Break! Records will be releasing a 7' from the band Reaper. “Times Of Grace” is the title and features Poli of Portugal’s Devil In Me on vocals. Check out a track here:  Fast Break will also be releasing a 12' from the band Product of Waste from Providence RI. More details to come on these Spring 2012 releases.

MARCH 11, 2012

IN EFFECT at the 1 month mark!

What's up peoples? It has been just about 1 month since I lost my mind and decided to start up my old fanzine as a website. The response has been amazing. The counter keeps going up and up and I love finding music that I probably wouldn't have run into had I not been doing this. The amazing Gary Gilmore from Wrongway Flyers was gracious enough to provide us with a new logo (look to the right>>>) and as for upcoming features/news we got an interview with Roger Miret of AGNOSTIC FRONT which should be up by next weekend. AF just came off a month long tour of Europe and we try to get a little insight of what it's like being on the road for that long. In Effect stickers are back as well. The old "grandma" logo is back and in full effect courtesy of Contagious Graphics ( I will try to get them over to the NRSV merchandise table for our friends in Europe going to the All For Nothing, Backfire, No Redeeming Social Value shows starting on March 23rd. Keep those band photos and music coming in, your contributions are what make this site tick. 'Till next time......

SHEER TERROR's Paul Bearer Walks For Autism Speaks

For the 4th consecutive year Sheer Terror's Paul Bearer will be participating in the NYC Walk For Autism. There will be specially made Sheer Terror inspired t-shirts being sold at The shirts are $25.00 plus shipping and all money will go to the Autism walk. The shirts are being donated by New Republic Printing and are being offered as a pre-sale until May 6th and will be shipped out in June. Upcoming Sheer Terror shows include March 16th in Atlanta, March 17th in Miami, April 20th in Berlin, Germany and April 21st in Leisnig, Germany. The band is also currently working on a new LP.

Portugal's Devil In Me
GSR MUSIC Releases new albums by DEVIL IN ME and BACKFIRE!
On February 24th, GSR Music released the new Devil In Me album titled "The End" which was accompanied by a video for the title track shortly after. The video has a ton of cameos including folks from Madball, Murphys Law, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Trapped Under Ice, Wisdom In Chains and more. The 13 song effort is the 3rd full length from this 4 piece out of Portugal. Devil In Me is currently on the Rebellion Tour which runs through March 18th with Madball, H2O and more. Look for the video on the videos page of In Effect and a review of the new album on the way.
Backfire! from the Netherlands are back together after a 2009 breakup with a brand new 15 song album titled "My Broken World" also on GSR Music. (released February 17th)  As with most new releases there are limited versions on vinyl including a gatefold double LP with the bands "In Harms Way" release combined with the new "My Broken World".
Also from GSR is "Time Won't Heal This" which is the re-mastered version of Knuckledust's first album, released for their 15th anniversary. Knuckledust plans their 4th full length in August of this year. Go to for more info


FREE! FREE! FREE! California's Basement Records wants you to "LIKE" them on Facebook and when you do they will email you a free compilation featuring rare and unreleased material by bands like, Bullet Treatment, It's Casual, The Insurgence, Fiction Reform, The New Criminals, Revolving Door, Killing California, Bobot Adrenaline, Stabbed In The Back, The Scarred, The Reticents, Vultures United, and The Nipples. Just downloaded mine and sounds awesome.

Two Man Advantage, March 10, 2012 in Amityville, NY

TWO MAN ADVANTAGE are punk and disorderly in Amityville, NY March 10th, 2012

Two Man Advantage took over Ollie's Point in Amityville, Long Island last night for about 40 minutes of drunken fun and sing-a-longs with a very enthusiastic crowd backing them up. Highlights included the band giving their original drummer his own action figure, a girl in high heels, purse, and jacket singing along in the pit with her drink in hand, a bottle of Captain Morgan, and after Two Man's set... a sight I have never seen at a hardcore/punk show... a stripper?, well... almost as there was a girl in a bikini and knee high boots dancing alone on stage to hip-hop classics by Public Enemy, NWA and more. Credit due to Wiretap Crash who went on earlier in the night and were a breath of fresh air with their post-hardcore style. Click on the photo to watch Two Man Advantage bust out "Captain Morgan" from the show. Not the best sound but you get the idea...

Reaper Records has teamed up with Solid Bond Records ( to put out a 7" by Friend Or Foe who feature members of Bracewar, Fire & Ice, Iron Boots, and Tough Luck.
Reaper also announced release dates for both the Sai-Nam and Fire & Ice LP's as May 8th. The Fire & Ice will also be on limited vinyl with 300 on black, 700 on blue, and 1000 on white.

MARCH 9, 2012

Wisdom In Chains "Ghost of Buddy" Trailer


With their new album “The Missing Links” just a few weeks away Wisdom In Chains is giving us some teasers to the new material. First up is a short video clip to the song “Ghost Of Buddy”. The premier of the entire video is March 21st. You can also check out a new song called “Defend Protect” at this link:


Drug Front Records, the label that will be putting out the new Two Man Advantage album "Dynasty" will be re-releasing a re-mastered version of their first album "Drafted" which has been out of print for over 10 years now. Bonus tracks will include tracks that were on the Two Man Advantage demo tape but never re-recorded for anything else. This will be a digital download only release with no physical copies. Starting on March 10th it will be available for $5.00 through the Drug Front Records website Their March 10th show in Amityville NY will be a "record" release show for the re-issue and will feature the band playing "Drafted" in its entirety. The show will also see their original drummer Amstel Fuhr return to the band for the first time since he left in 2002 for one night only. 


All For Nothing from The Netherlands will be releasing their new album “To Live And Die For” on March 23rd on GSR Music ( The 13 song full length will feature guest vocals from Sick Of It All’s Craig Setari on the track “Without A Doubt”. This is their first release since “Miles And Memories” which came out in 2009. The band will be touring around Europe so look out for them. Notable stuff they have coming up is Hellfest in France on June 17th with Madball, H2O, Biohazard, and more. March 23rd, 24th, and 25th is with No Redeeming Social Value and Backfire, and on September 12th they kick off a 2 week tour of Southeast Asia. Look for their video for the song “Tried & True” on this sites videos page and keep up to date with them via Facebook.

AF's Vinnie Stigma at the W2, March 4 2012 Den Bosch The Netherlands Photo by: Bas Spierings


M.A.D. Tour Booking has announced a new slew of Agnostic Front summer tour dates for Europe. Starting on July 26th in Germany and ending up back in Germany on August 19th. Check the M.A.D. website for changes but the following shows have been listed as of today: July 26- (Bremen, Germany) July 27- Nord Open Air Festival (Essen, Germany), July 28- Riez Open Air (Olkenbach, Germany), July 29- Free And Easy Festival (Munchen, Germany), July 31- (Piacenza, Italy), Aug 1- (Pinarella Di Cervia, Italy), Aug 2- Resurrection Fest (Vivero, Spain), Aug 3- (Paris, France), Aug 4- (Leeds, Great Britain), Aug 5- Rebellion Festival (Blackpool, Great Britain), Aug 6- (Dublin), Aug 7- (Wrexham, Great Britain), Aug 8- (London), Aug 9- (Bristol, Great Britain), Aug 11- Iperfest (Belgium), Aug 18- Area 4 Festival (Germany), and Aug 19 at the Highfield Festival in Germany. The Alligators is a side project AF’s singer Roger has with ex-members of Insted and they have a new album due out on March 26th on Bridge 9 Records. A review of “Time’s Up You’re Dead” is posted now on this site.


Providence Rhode Island’s VERSE who recently re-formed will begin recording for a new album (their 4th overall) titled “Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace” for Bridge 9 Records. Recording starts on March 12th at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket RI and they plan on recording 10 tracks for the new release which should be out this summer. Look for them at the Groezrock Festival in Belgium (April), as well as a European tour with Soul Control in July and August. Other plans are for a West Coast tour later this summer as well as stops in South America, Japan, and Australia once “Bitter Clarity…” is released. The bands first show back was on February 11,2012 at the AS 220 in Providence, you can watch that set at this link:

Photo by: Helena BXL


Supertouch are heading to Wild Artic Studios in New Hampshire this weekend to start recording 6 new tracks for 3 upcoming releases. 4 of the songs are slated for a still untitled Reaper Records 7" which will be out later this year. 1 track will be for a compilation on BBB Records and another will be for a split 7" on Horror Hotel Productions who also put out Supertouch’s “Live on WNYU 1988” vinyl in 2011. The track for BBB Records will be for a 12” compilation titled “America’s Hardcore Volume 2” and is scheduled to be out this summer featuring other acts such as Bane, Dead End Path, Alpha & Omega, Soul Search and more. The new songs are supposed to be along the lines of their “Lost My Way” EP which was released last January on Reaper. The band will be playing shows on March 16th in Dearborn MI and March 17th in Louisville KY. For Supertouch merchandise go to: For bookings contact:


As No Redeeming Social Value gear up for some European shows in late March 2012, Dead City Records will release a very limited 5 song CD (also available digitally) with some rare NRSV tracks recorded over the past few years. Once only available in Japan, the 5 songs are now ready to hit the world. Look for the CD titled "Americas Favorite Hardcore Band" to be given away with shirt purchases on tour in Europe and the USA. For more info on how to obtain a copy check OR in April 2012.


Well Excuse Me Princess is a new project with members from a bunch of notable bands. Jess Goldey who is the guitarist for My Turn To Win is the singer, Lenny Bednarz (ex-Fahrenheit 451) is on guitar, Arthur Smilios (ex-Gorilla Bisucuits/CIV) is on bass and Pete LaRussa (ex-No Redeeming Social Value/District 9/Most Precious Blood) is on drums. Described as “pop punk on steroids” look for a 2 song single with the tracks “Better Late Than Never” and “Bang Head Here” in April on Dignified Bastard Records. (digital download only release). Facebook link here:!/EMPFamily

Check out Pete’s other project “Spacebeard” where he is the singer and guitarist for a straight up rock band. Spacebeard has an album called “Listening” due out this month and they will be at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn on March 31st for a record release show.


My Turn To Win are back with a new 10 song effort titled “Let’s Die”. Recorded at FrankenSound with Len Carmichael in NJ, this is the bands first release since 2010’s “No Challenge” EP. Still waiting on an exact release date as Thorp Records and the band work out minor details in regards to digital downloads/vinyl pressings etc. Check out MTTW’s Facebook page here:!/MyTurntoWinHC



United Riot Records has officially released the NY Hoods 1986 demo on 7" vinyl. Re-mixed and re-mastered it can be ordered through this link: 

United Riot is also working on re-releasing the Sick Society "NYHC Skinhead" demo from 1989 on 7" vinyl. 6 songs, look for it this summer. Members of the band ended up in other bands like Kill Your Idols and Sheer Terror.


Paul Cripple from Reagan Youth has a new female fronted hard rock/metal band called Dust Angel. They played their first show this past December and you can check them out at this link:


Expire have a sneak peak track available on YouTube, this is the link:   The song is called "Abyss" and the album is on the way called "Pendulum Swings" on Bridge 9 Records.


Olde York is sneak peaking another track from a fully recorded album they have completed... The track "Fall Of Man" also appeared on their out of print Lionheart Records 7". The band is currently looking for a label to release this, contact them at:


The Cro-Mags will be playing March 14th and 15th in Austin Tx in conjunction with the SXSW Music and Film Festival, check the Cro-Mags Facebook for more info:!/pages/Cro-Mags/28749578197

MARCH 1, 2012


Bold at NYC's Lit Lounge February 29th, 2012

Youth Crew icons BOLD re-united last night on the stage of the Lit Lounge on 2nd Avenue in NYC on a rainy Tuesday night. Youth Of Today guitarist John Porcelly joined the rest of the "Speak Out" lineup for a quick set in advance of their upcoming Revelations Records 25th Anniversary shows on June 8th and 9th in Pomona, CA. Thanks to Jason Patton for the photos!

FEBRUARY 29, 2012


The movie poster for "Bad Brains A Band In DC" was released yesterday, illustration by Rita Lux. World premier for the movie is now set for March 12th at 9pm at the SXSW Music and Film Festival in Austin, Texas.



Thanks to everyone for giving me a warm welcome back which started exactly 2 weeks ago today. The response so far has been amazing. Keep in mind that the interviews and the homepage news section will be updated every few weeks or so but everything else will update as it becomes available. Bands, keep those show flyers and photos coming!!!

BNB Bowl 2011 - Photo by Helena BXL


The majority of the Black N Blue Bowl for 2012 was announced February 14th live on the BNB Takeover Radio show (  This years BNB Bowl is Saturday May 19th at Webster Hall which is located at 125 East 11th St. in NYC. The lineup so far is as follows: King Nine, Suburban Scum, Born From Pain, First Blood, Rotting Out, Minus 1 (featuring Minus with members of Merauder) Hazen Street, DYS, The Mob, Outburst, Youth Of Today, A Tribute To Raybeez (featuring members of Warzone and NYHC All-Stars) and Sheer Terror. There also is “a very special headliner” who will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets can be had at:  &  as well as Generation Records and NYHC Tattoo in NYC and Lotus Tattoo in Sayville (Long Island).  

Bad Brains Band in DC Trailer - CLICK HERE


Still in the works but not quite ready is “Bad Brains: Band In DC” which should be a complete history lesson on everything this legendary hardcore/punk band has done in their 30 plus year history. The production of this 104 minute film started in the winter of 2006 and will be featured in this years SXSW Music and Film Festival which runs from March 9th-18th in Austin TX. View the trailer by clicking on the photo next to this piece.  DC punk icons Scream have been added to the Bad Brains show at Irving Plaza in NYC on April 17th. The Bad Brains have also added an additional show to their mini East Coast Tour adding April 20th at the recently reopened and renovated Howard Theatre in Washington DC. There was a lot of talk about a new Bad Brains album which was supposedly due out last summer but as we speak it doesn’t look close just yet according to their label. 


Be on the lookout for this new (released Nov 8, 2011) HARDCOVER 160 page book that documents Europe’s current hardcore scene. The theme of the book is the balance that various musicians, promoters, and designers must strike between their day jobs and their lives within the hardcore world. The book is a collaboration between London drummer Tom Barry and photographer Sophia Schorr-Kon and has been released through NYC’s Mark Batty Publisher. The book features a forward by UK hardcore vet Ian Glasper (Trapped In A Scene, The Day The Country Died”). “Balance” uncovers the twin lives of those working to support their hardcore, from miners in Poland to restaurant managers in Germany and interviews with members of Providence, Knuckledust, and Schizma among others. “Balance” is distributed in the US by Random House and also has it’s own Facebook page. The book just showed up in the mail the other day so expect a review in the near future. The book lists for $40.00 but I have seen it listed on Amazon for $30.00. Look them up on Facebook… Balance: European Hardcore


Reaper Records has released the cover artwork for 2 of their anticipated releases with Fire & Ice and Sai-Nam. Richmond Virginia’s Fire & Ice had “Not Of This Earth” recorded with Dean Baltulonis at the new Wild Artic Studios in New Hampshire with both Dean Baltulonis and AJ Novello (Leeway) producing the 12 song full length. Fire & Ice’s last release was in 2010 with a 4 song EP on BBB Records. The Sai-Nam release is a 10 song debut titled “Crush”. (read last update for more info) Both albums are due out this Spring.  

Wisdom In Chains resissues out of print CD's/New Video/Tour info

Wisdom In Chains’ “Class War” and “Die Young” CD’s are out of print in the U.S. and soon Eulogy Records will be putting these out as a double CD containing both releases. Also look for “Die Young” to be put out as a very limited vinyl release in a few months. Wisdom also is finishing up production on a video for their track “Ghost Of Buddy” which is a tribute to their singers dog Buddy who was killed. The band recently asked on their Facebook page for people to send in photos of their dogs to be included in the video. “Ghost Of Buddy” is a new track from their upcoming album “The Missing Links” on I Scream Records. The band currently has shows lined up in Europe this June starting off with Germany on June 8th and running through June 16th in The Netherlands. Notable dates are June 10th (Germany) and June 16th (Netherlands) when the band will play with Biohazard. 

The Mob NYHC...

NYC’s The Mob are most definitely back for 2012. The band has plans for a discography of all existing music, including alternate versions, B-sides, covers, and more recent tunes never heard. This collection will partner up with a Mob film which includes interviews, time capsule photos, and live footage. The band is currently rehearsing preparing for upcoming shows including the Black N Blue Bowl on May 19th in NYC as well as writing new material. The plan in addition to the discography is to put out at least 4 singles in 2012 with the first being a song called “Back To Queens” which should be out this spring on Weathermaker Music. Weathermaker is a label formed by Clutch and their manager Jack Flanagan who is also one of the founding members and guitarist in The Mob. Besides “Back To Queens” other new titles include “Boiling Point”, “Last Of A Dying Breed”, and “Dropping Out”. The discography should be about 40 songs and the singles should have 3 songs a piece being released on limited edition vinyl initially and then on I-Tunes. Get more band info and merch info on their Facebook page which is under The Mob NYHC. 

"Riot On The Dance Floor..." Trailer CLICK HERE

New film documenting NJ's City Gardens club on the way

“Riot On The Dance Floor: The Story Of Randy Now And City Gardens” is in the works as we speak and will document this defunct Trenton NJ club. They are currently editing and doing some last interviews and hope to have a rough cut of the film done by the end of the summer. The film will be approximately 120 minutes and stars over 50 musicians and staff  including Jon Stewart from The Daily Show who worked at the club. The film also features the photography of the great Ken Salerno. People interviewed include Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat, HR from the Bad Brains and Harley Flannigan (Cro-Mags). Directed by Steve Tozzi and produced by Amy Yates Wuelfling, Steven DiLodovico, and Pete Tabbot from the band Vision. Pete is also working with a punk band called The Scandals to produce original music for the film. Click on the link here for the trailer…Producers Amy and Steven are also working on a book covering City Gardens called “No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes: How City Gardens Defined an Era”.

For more info:, and 

Sick Of It All - Photo by Ken Salerno

Hardcore photographer Ken Salerno to release 2 new photo books...

In addition to the previously mentioned City Gardens film photographer Ken Salerno is releasing a book titled “Riot On The Dance Floor…Behind The Scene” which will be a compilation of images and behind the scene looks at the making of the City Gardens film. This book will include photos of the people they interviewed and photos of traveling to and from the interviews including a weekend at the Dischord House with Ian Mackaye. This book will be released alongside the City Gardens film and is not to be confused with the previously mentioned book by Amy Yates Wuefling and Steven DiLodovico who are co-producers of the City Gardens film. In addition to this Ken is also working on a second book titled “Caught In The Act”. This second book will cover the wide range of photos Ken took over the years at Trenton’s City Gardens club which he described as his “home base”. Ken is also working on a website for people to view his prints and collectible skate decks which feature his photography which is undoubtedly some of the best work we have seen from someone who has covered the world of hardcore/punk for so long. 

"Back in the day" photo of Negative Approach

Negative Approach to headline opening night of "The Rumble" in Chicago IL.

The Rumble…This is the third year for this show/festival and the second year at the Bottom Lounge located at 1375 W. Lake St. in Chicago. The capacity is 700 and is expected to sell out both days for this all ages event.  Friday’s show (doors 430pm) is headlined by Negative Approach alongside Murphy’s Law, Coliseum, Sweet Cobra, Rotting Out, Ensign, and Focused Minds and Saturday April 28th (doors at 12 noon) has 100 Demons as the headliners with Death Threat, Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Wisdom In Chains, and 12 others. Look for the flyer for these shows on the flyers page. For more info go to:  

Olde York Preview - CLICK HERE

Olde York debut's new track via You Tube

NY’s Olde York recently previewed one of their new songs called “Peeling Paint” on You Tube. Check out the link to the song here. The band recorded 11 songs in late 2011 at Empire State Recording Studio and had it mixed and mastered by Dean Baltulonis at Wild Artic and produced by Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz). There is no working title as of yet and they are shopping the recording to labels at this time. The band also has a sold out 7” on Lionheart Records from Germany as well as their 2009 full length “Empire State”. 

Triggerman LP cover

Triggerman, The Last Stand, and The Killing Flame releases on 1124 Records

1124 Records out of Pennsylvania have a new Triggerman release on the way this summer. The latest incarnation of Triggerman consists of: Joe Nelson (The Killing Flame, Ignite) Gavin Ogelsby (No For An Answer, Carry Nation,The Killing Flame), Brett Rasmussen (Ignite, Zoli Band, Nations Afire), and Derek O’Brien (Social Distortion, DI, and Agent Orange). The new release will have 13 songs and it breaks down like this: 9 songs will be pressed to vinyl and include a CD in the sleeve of the record with all 13 tracks on the CD. The songs on this release were all written when the band originally existed in the early 90’s but were never recorded. 1124 plans on pressing 350 copies total with 50 copies being a “Friends Press” which goes directly to the band and are not for sale with the remaining 300 being pressed on 2 or 3 vinyl colors. In the early 90’s Triggerman released a couple of demos, a 7” on Ringside Records, and an LP on Workshed Records. They also have a MySpace page where you can hear some of their older songs. 


1124 is also releasing The Last Stand’s next effort “The Time Is Now” as a limited edition vinyl version. American Enemy Records is doing the CD version and the 13 song release will also be available on ITunes. The Last Stand began recording for the new album on February 24th at Nova Studios on Staten Island (NY). Look for The Last Stand on March 31st at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park NJ with Agnostic Front and more. 


And even more vinyl from 1124…. Look for them to be releasing The Killing Flames “Nine More Lives” LP. This album was originally released in 2004 on Highlight Sounds out of South America and was on CD only. A small pressing of 200-300 copies are expected. The Killing Flame shares 2 members with Triggerman, so the priority is to get the Triggerman LP done first then focus on the “Nine More Lives” LP. 

Return of THE RUMP!

After a ridiculously long hiatus a new issue of Rumpshaker Fanzine will be out in late March. We haven’t seen Eric’s ‘zine since 1999. Rumpshaker #6 features in-depth interviews with: Mike Judge , Ceremony, Sick of it All, Punch, Fucked Up, Limp Wrist, Tim Barry, Bridge 9 Records, Shirts for a Cure,  A Doctor… and a Cro-Mag on Veganism (featuring John Joseph) Plus: “Doing It For The Kids” interviews with: Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits, Dan Yemin of Paint it Black, and Chuck D of Public Enemy and their mothers. “Use Your Head”, featuring writing by members of: Trial, Unbroken, Take Offense, Betrayed, Pulling Teeth, Iron Chic, Not Sorry, Sick Fix, Kingdom, Soul Control, Secret People, and more…“New York Knives”: Stories of growing up (and getting mugged) in NYC before it became a sanitized, hipster paradise. Keep an eye out for a Rumpshaker release event to be held in New York this spring. A special pre-order offer for the zine and a shirt is now available. At this time it’s for U.S. orders only. For those outside of the U.S. please email at for shipping rates before ordering. Rumpshaker will also be available in NYC at Generation Records and at


Remember Bullshit Monthly ‘Zine from a long, long time ago? In case you missed it go to the Bullshit Monthly Facebook page. In celebration of getting his 500th “Like” Mike is threatening us all with a dozen or so PDF files of old issues on the FB page the week of February 27th.  (He had previously posted 4 over the past few years). Mike used to be the front man in NYHC bands Go! and SFA. Residing now in San Francisco he is now playing guitar in the band No Mistake. You can check out 3 of their videos on their Facebook page. 

The Alligators featuring Roger Miret new release...

Bridge 9 Records has launched pre-orders for the debut album from The Alligators who feature Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret on vocals and ex-members of California’s Insted. “Time’s Up You’re Dead” is due out March 26th and contains tracks from two previously released EP’s, plus rare tracks, and a handful of brand new songs. You can listen to the title track on the Bridge 9 website. 



Supertouch have been added to the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary show at Glasshouse in Pomona CA on Friday June 8th.  (see flyers page).


Yuppicide have just started recording at Night Owl Studios in NY for a new release, the first time they have recorded as a band since 1998.


The Johatsu cassette tape mentioned in the last update is now available and can be ordered at this link:


DYS has yet another song in their digital singles series which is a cover of Motorhead’s “(We Are) The Road Crew”. The song will be officially released on February 28th and can be had on I-Tunes and the Bridge 9 store as well. has an exclusive free stream here:  

FEBRUARY 12, 2012

You just found, which grew out of an old style hardcore music magazine (AKA 'zine). The 'zine started in 1988 in NYC and has been defunct for over 10 years... until today. Read more about In Effect's past in the "ABOUT" section. Just like its magazine version of days past, this website will ALWAYS be about HARDCORE and PUNK music and is here for the lesser known bands, as well as the big fish. I have been listening to this stuff for well over 25 years and I don't think I am gonna change now. I have seen the good times and the bad and I would love to help this music continue to grow through this media outlet. Although I am proud to be from NY and most of the bands that I know are from this area, this website is for everyone into this music, no matter where you live. Future content depends on you and your feedback. Not much else to say at this point, except that I hope you enjoy the website and will see you all at the next update.



Agnostic Front...30 years and counting...

We will kick things off by congratulating the mighty Agnostic Front on their 30th anniversary. 3 years is a lot in terms of hardcore bands being together but 30 is simply unbelievable. AF kicked off a European tour on February 2 which runs through March 4th and includes 32 shows. California's Death By Stereo (I Scream Records) and Virginia's Naysayer (Reaper Records) are also on the tour with AF. May 3rd through the 11th sees AF in Austrailia for the "NY United Tour" with Sick Of It All for 7 shows and the band returns to England in August to play the Rebellion Festival on August 5th with a second UK date at the HMV Institute in Birmingham on August 6th as well as the Ieperfest in Belgium on August 11th. The band is on Facebook and updates ALOT while on the road so make sure to check out their page...

The original Breakdown lineup is BACK!

25 years after releasing hardcore's greatest demo ever, the original lineup is back (photos from their first practice back are below). Jeff Perlin-vocals, Carl Porcaro-guitar, Rich McLoughlin-bass, Anthony Drago-drums, and Don Angellili-guitar have decided to regroup to hit the stage again and perform the original demo songs along with various other Breakdown songs from the late 80's, including songs recorded for the New York Hardcore "Where The Wild Things Are" compilation (Blackout Records) and the "New Breed Compilation" (Wardance Records). The lineup also plans to record and release new material targeting a 2012 release. One show that is already confirmed is the Chaos in Tejas Festival in Austin Texas, which runs from May 31st to June 3rd.

Sai Nam featuring members of Trapped Under Ice, Crown of Thornz...

Sai Nam is a new band featuring Justice Tripp (singer Trapped Under Ice), Mike Dijan (guitar, ex Crown of Thornz and Breakdown) and Lou Medina (drums All Out War, ex Breakdown and Coldfront). The band has their 10 song debut titled "Crush" coming out on Reaper Records in April. Sai Nam has played one show to date opening for the Cro-Mags on December 30th at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. "Crush" was produced by Dean Baltulonis at Wild Artic Studios in Queens. Dean also did the bass tracks for the recording. Check out a preview of the song "Comeback" on the bands Facebook page.

No Redeeming Social Value   

No Redeeming Social Value will be going to Europe in March 2012 for shows in Belgium, Holland, and Germany. They will be touring with long time friends from Holland Backfire who have reunited and will have a new CD out in March on GSR Records and All For Nothing. NRSV also has plans to record new songs this year for a release on Dead City Records. The band should be recording by May. Go to for updates and a wide range of merchandise including releases by The Krays, Billy Club Sandwich, Yuppicide and more, including new Sheer Terror shirts and new NRSV merchandise on the way.

Take Offense "Under The Same Shadow" EP out March 20th on Reaper Records

Chula Vista California's Take Offense is back with a 4 song VINYL only EP this March. Available on clear, gold and black 12" vinyl. You can already preorder these at the Reaper Records website. The band goes to Europe with Terror and Death Before Dishonor in April and hits the road with Xibalba and Soul Search in March (see upcoming show flyers for more info on dates). The track "(We All Live) Under The Same Shadow" is the song being pushed as a promo song and it is clear right away that they are on top of their game and got a much better production than their last album "Tables Will Turn". Look for an interview on this site with Take Offense in the upcoming months.

Inside CBGB's Photo by Joseph O. Holmes

CBGB comeback in 2012?

In the past few days/weeks there have been some online news stories ( and who have hinted that the legendary club could actually make a comeback somewhere in NYC. Nothing is confirmed but it brings up a great debate which is would it be a good thing or a bad thing if the club were to return? Some say it would be a tourist trap and have no connection to the old club while others say we need more underground music venues for smaller bands. From reading the articles I was pretty surprised that the actual bar from the club is in a trailer in Connecticut and the rest of the clubs belongings in a 3000 square foot space in Brooklyn. The famous CBGB awning is in the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame. Must be pointed out that it is all speculation but if it were to happen you could imagine the buzz it would create.

Arena Sports Lounge Queens, NY

People behind the mighty Castle Heights club make Queens return...

It has been 10 years since Castle Heights in Jackson Heights Queens has left us but now comes word that Kevin Scondotto and John "The Doorman" are teaming up with the folks from Don Hills and Ace Of Clubs to now book shows at a location in Elmhurst Queens called Arena Sports Lounge which is right off of Queens Blvd. The club is a 21 and up club and the pictures might remind you more of the Bada Bing from the Sopranos TV show than a rock club. Kevin tells me that they are starting up in March and will be booking rock and metal acts for Friday and Saturday night shows. As of right now there are no plans for hardcore shows but who knows what might develop down the road. You can contact Kevin directly for booking inquiries Monday to Thursdays between 7pm and 11pm at (718) 358-2813. The clubs address is 80-12 51st Ave Elmhurst. The club also has a Facebook page.

Last Call Brawl

Long Island's Last Call Brawl has a fully recorded 17 song full length titled "Let's Get Ready To Stumble" ready to go. The band has been shopping the full length which they recorded at NJ's Big Blue Meanie Studios to labels and could end up releasing it themselves. The album has guest appearances by Jimmy G from Murphy's Law as well as Craig and Lou from Sick Of It All. They already made a video for the song "On The Up" which you can see on this websites Videos page and they also are making another video for the song "Mouth Shut". Raised Fist Propaganda is behind the bands videos. Look for their drummer Mike Fullam in the new issue of Rebel Ink Magazine. In the meantime to check out the bands music go to where you can download their '94 demo as well as their '95 Live at CBGB's demo.

United Riot Records to re-issue NY Hoods '86 Demo

For the first time ever on vinyl will be the official release of the NY Hoods' demo, remixed and remastered. Due out in late February the 7" will have 5 songs. Limited edition of just 500 pressed with 100 white, 100 splatter and 300 on black vinyl. The first 300 will come with a digital download card. Members of NY Hoods went on to play in Side By Side, Absolution, and Burn.


On February 20th a new label called Under Watchful Eyes with the help of United Riot Records will be releasing the Strong Island Boot Boys "Pitbull Breed" 7". The 5 song 7" features members of Offensive Weapon and Fed Up! and this release will be out on red, white, and blue vinyl.


In late March United Riot also has Bad Assets "The Spirit of Detroit" CD. 11 song debut full length from this Detroit Oi band.

Double Cross webzine is run by ex Mouthpiece singer Tim McMahon. Started in March of '08 there is plenty to read here as you go back to old school stuff to up to the minute stuff. A good range/mix of material, definitely worth a check....

Madball and H2O headline Rebellion Tour 3...

The "Mazine Rebellion Tour 3" kicks off March 7th in the Netherlands and features a lineup of: Madball, H2O, Deez Nuts, First Blood, Devil In Me, and Strength Approach. The tour runs through March 18th with a show in Paris. Madball returns to Europe in both June and in August for various festivals/shows and we should be hearing some new material from them in 2012 as well.


H2O goes back to Europe in June with 10 shows booked between June 15th and the 24th including shows in Moscow Russia on June 18th and St. Petersburg, Russia on June 19th.

Two Man Advantage New Vinyl Only Release...

The hockey crazed madmen known as Two Man Advantage are done recording their 4th full length album which should be out by late spring/early summer on Brooklyn's Drug Front Records. The band recorded 12 songs for "Dynasty" which is a vinyl only release and will also come with a digital download.

Black N Blue Takeover...

If you haven't already discovered this weekly hardcore radio show out of NYC the time is... NOW!  Go to to listen and if you can't listen live (every Tuesday 8pm-10pm) then go to the website and click on the "access show archives" to catch up on the past 143 (and counting) broadcasts. East Village Radio also has a very user friendly phone app as well....


Black N Blue also announced this week that The Mob will be playing this years "Black N Blue" Bowl at Webster Hall in NYC on Saturday May 19th. More bands will be announced this Tuesday night on the radio show and host Cuz Joe will have on the air interviews with most of or all of the bands who will be involved with this years show in the weeks leading up to it. Want to get your band played on the show? Contact BNB Radio: PO Box 116 Baldwin NY 11510. BNB requests CD versions of your music WITH track listings...

The return of... Verse

Was announced in December by their label Bridge 9 Records that Providence RI's Verse are officially back. The band formed in 2003 and broke up 2 years ago. Their last release was the B9 release "Aggression" in 2008. Verse plans on recording a new album in 2012 and have their first show planned in February in Providence. In addition they are slated to be on the Belgian Music Festival called "Groezrock" in April and there are plans for a European tour with Soul Control in the summer, welcome back guys...

DYS "Unloaded" single on Bridge 9 Records

Boston hardcore vets DYS have a new single out called "Unloaded" which was released on January 24th. The song is the 3rd single in the bands series of digital releases and can be had on ITunes and the Bridge 9 store for a buck. The first 2 songs of this digital release series were "Wild Card" and "Sound Of Our Town."

Expire recording for Bridge 9 full length out spring 2012

The heavy hitting Midwest band Expire will release "Pendulum Swings" in a few months. Recorded in Milwaukee in late January this follows up a demo and two 7"s over the last couple of years. The band looks like they live on the road and recently played a European tour this past fall with Foundation. They recorded a tour documentary which you can find on You Tube as well as the Bridge 9 site. Their Facebook page has a bunch of songs available for free and you can also get to them via email which is:


Abject "Try Again" CD

February 18th will be the release date for Abject's debut full length titled "Try Again". The CD will be the second release on the bands Jobbers Union Records and will feature 10 songs, 4 of which appeared on their demo and 6 brand new ones. Produced by Mike Sanchez who also plays guitar in the Rock a Billy band Boogie Brains. contact the band or on their Facebook page.

Detroit's Great Reversals

American Enemy Records to release Great Reversals, On Bodies and The Last Stand releases...

American Enemy is a brand new label out of Kansas City MO and has a few noteworthy releases on the way. First up is On Bodies from Florida. Described as a super group with former members of Culture, Shai Hulud, Morning Again, Terror, Blood Has Been Shed, As Friends Rust, Glasseater, Until The End, Where Fear And Weapons Meet and Destro. Damn that is alot. The release is called "Planet Hospice" and will be released on February 14th on 10 inch vinyl. They will be playing 2 record release shows in South Florida on February 25th and 26th. Eulogy Recordings will be releasing the CD/digital version.


Great Reversals are from Detroit and they also have a 10 inch vinyl release on American Enemy. "To The Ends Of The Earth" will be released on April 24th. You can check out a sample of their sound on their Facebook page. This is a special concept release because the drummer (Eric Scobie) has a 7 year old son that has Autism and the lyrical content deals with the struggle of raising an Autistic child.


Also from American Enemy is NY's The Last Stand. You can read more about them on this site in the interviews section. The Last Stand is going into the studio on February 24th to start recording for their debut full length which will have the working title of "The Time Is Now" which the band and American Enemy hope to have out in May/June.

Wardance Records to release Johatsu cassette tape, as well as Absolution 7" AND LP.

Remember cassette tapes? Well in case you don't get ready for Johatsu which is a 2 man project made up of ex-members of Hell No and All For One. The 10 song cassette will be out in February and is called "Demolition" and will be limited to 100 copies and will also have a digital download. They are gearing up for a full live band that will be playing out soon. The music is heavy mid-tempo hardcore that respects it's roots and strives to be non-generic sounding.


Lush Life and Wardance Records will be collaborating on an Absolution 7" as well as an LP/digital download. The 7" will be a re-recording of the 1989 4 song "Combined Effort" Records release and should be out this summer and the LP will feature all their old songs newly recorded plus one. The LP is due out this fall and the releases are meant to correct and improve on Absolution's spotty recording legacy.


Wardance is also working on a 12" by The Mistaken, a new project featuring Matt Warnke from Bold and Andy Guida (ex-Supertouch and current Absolution drummer). Freddy from Wardance points out that The Mistaken are nothing like their previous bands and have more of a noirish, mid-period Damned/Nick Cave vibe and that the band should be playing out live soon as well.


The New Breed Tape Compilation as well as the My Rifle releases on Wardance are nearly sold out so the time to get them is.... now.

Yuppicide to record new material in 2012...

Look for Yuppicide to be hitting the studio in the upcoming months. The band reformed in 2010 and now has about 6 or 7 new songs that will give them at least an EP's worth of material according to Steve Karp. No label or target release date as of yet. In the meantime you can check out the band on their Facebook page as well as And don't forget their "Anthology '88-'89" double CD on Dead City Records which is basically everything the band ever did from their first demo up until the end. The band will be playing the Punky Reggae Fest in Brooklyn on Saturday March 3rd. Look for more info in the flyers section of this site.

Caught In A Trap to release "FREE" album...

Caught In A Trap will be heading into the studio within the next few months to start work on their next full length which will be called "Easy Come Easy Go". There will be physical copies for the "old folks" as their singer put it and also available for free online which is pretty cool. The band has 13 new songs for the recording as of right now. Look for a collectors vinyl edition of "Easy Come Easy Go" to follow shortly after and a new video for the song "STFU". CIAT also is planning some touring outside of the US this year and are in talks to have their 2007 release "Rats Get Fat" rereleased in Europe with some bonus tracks.

Website run by NYHC kid who knows his way around Chevy Camaros. 5th Generation Camaros are 2010 and up and this is the site for their club. A few hardcore songs make their way on to the site with pics of the latest and greatest Camaros in the NY area...

Trapped Under Ice Touring Down Under...

Baltimore's Trapped Under Ice are heading out in the next couple of weeks to tour both New Zealand and Austrailia. The New Zealand tour starts on February 22nd and is 5 straight nights with Ricky Bobby. The Austrailia tour starts February 29th and is 12 straight nights with Relentless. The band is also playing this years Bamboozle Festival which is a 3 day festival in Asbury Park NJ. TUI plays on the 3rd day which is May 20th where they will also play alongside Murphy's Law, The Bouncing Souls, Andrew Dice Clay, and Bon Jovi... Look for the New Zealand and Australia tour info in the upcoming flyers section of this website. The band travels to Europe again in July for a bunch of shows that start off on the 19th in Berlin. As of right now there are 8 shows including some festivals in Poland, the UK, and Sweden.

Too Many Voices...

Be on the lookout for this "new" band from NY. After some setbacks due to health problems Too Many Voices recently played their first shows in early February 2012. (see show review in "Reviews" section on this site...) The band consists of Andy West on vocals (Kill Your Idols), Eric Svirida-guitar (The Last Crime), Ivan Gonzalez-guitar (25 Ta Life), Scott Weingard-bass (Texas IsThe Reason) and Chris Daly on drums (108, Ressurection, Texas Is The Reason, and Jets To Brazil). You can get their demo which came out in August of 2011 for free at this address:  or through Ride The Fury Records (not free) who just did a limited run of 100 cassettes of the demo. The band has a very limited quantity of the demos as well at shows. The demo could eventually end up on a 7" with Lifeline Records but the goal is to record a full length (CD and LP) this year although they do not have a label as of yet. The band has a great sound and a solid lineup and you should definitely be hearing more from them in 2012. email them at: