Richmond, VA based IRON REAGAN & MUNICIPAL WASTE are two bands who always seem to be having fun in some shape, way or form. If you are not exactly sure about this just check out some of their videos to see what we are talking about. Tony Foresta fronts both of these bands, sells hot sauce, and would probably be a lot of fun to hang out with whether you were on a space ship to Mars or just simply stuck in an elevator for a few days. Originally we were told guitarist/bassist “LandPhil” (also from both previously mentioned bands) would be answering these here questions but when they arrived back we were greeted by Mr. Foresta who did a damn fine job with answering these in early March of this year. Iron Reagan dropped “Crossover Ministry” in early February and Municipal Waste returns with new music in about a month. Graphics by: Bas Spierings.

Questions by: Chris Wynne & Dan Piro.


1. Where exactly are you right now and what do you think you would be doing if we weren’t harassing you?


Tony: I'm typing on my iPad in a van on our way to Baltimore to play a gig with Power Trip and Concealed Blade. I would most likely be looking at memes on my phone if I wasn't doing this right now.


2. Who was your greatest guitar influence when you were growing up?


Tony: I don't play guitar. My biggest influence is Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Just kidding, I'm high.


3. What’s the deal with Municipal Waste? Is Iron Reagan the full time band from here on out?


Tony: Nah, we're just doing whatever we feel like. Both bands have a lot of shit going on… especially this year. I'll be doing Waste stuff most of the summer. Reagan has just been busier because we have been putting more music out lately.


4. What’s the day job situation with the guys in the band? Do most of you manage to get by with touring? How many months of the year would you guess you are away on tour?


Tony: I'm gone like 7 months out of the year… sometimes more. Most of us are bartenders. I'm too busy with both bands to get a day job. I usually just hustle hot sauce and do little things to make money while I'm home for the short times that I am.


Al Bundy from Married With Children TV show

5. Worst job you ever had in your life and what were your responsibilities there?


Tony: I worked in the shoe department at fucking Sears once. Like Al Bundy. I lasted 2 days and I got the fuck out of there. It was a low point in my life for sure.


6. Your favorite ice cream?


Tony: I love this question. We have a crew of guys mostly us and the dudes from Gatecreeper called the Cream Team. We post daily pictures of us at random places eating ice cream. I like a lot of Ben and Jerry’s stuff. The more chocolate the better.




7. What was the worst show you ever played with Iron Reagan or Municipal Waste? What made it so bad?


Tony: Reagan played one in Germany with Agnostic Front a couple years ago and there were like 1000 people there and the douche bag sound guy had no idea what he was doing. It was just a wall of feedback on stage the whole time. We were so bummed/pissed.


8, If you had to be trapped inside a TV show (past or present) for a month which show would you pick and why?


Tony: That's an easy one. Rock Of Love Season 3. Just kidding clearly the answer is Vanderpump Rules.


Bad Brains

9. Bad Brains or Bad Religion?


Tony: Brains.


10. Does every member of Iron Reagan have access to sufficient healthcare?


Tony: Phil didn't have any a few months ago from what I remember. We got real sick after we played a gig in Mexico City and he had to pay a brutal emergency room bill. I've had insurance for a couple of years. My monthly payment is worth it for the xanax prescription alone.


11. Favorite band/bands to tour with and what makes them so much damn fun?


Tony: Gatecreeper, Power Trip, Voivod, Toxic Holocaust, Napalm Death. Basically any band that doesn't have a pushy/annoying ass tour manager.


12. Who do you think in Iron Reagan would be best suited to one day become a professional bowler and why?


Tony: I've been bowling a lot lately. Just saying. Bronzino (Mark) is pretty good though as well. Rob thinks he's better than all of us but probably sucks. We're in the van yelling at each other about it now.




13. What’s the story behind the new Iron Reagan video for “A Dying World” and all the old and big president heads that are in it?


Tony: There's a thing on the Smithsonian website about the place. Basically this weird amusement park went out of business in the 80's and hired this guy to destroy these heads. They're huge. This guy, instead of destroying them, decided to store them in the weird field behind his house. It's only like 30 mins from our house. Really fun video shoot.


"Liquid Arson" Tony Foresta's very own brand of hot sauce

14. What was the first piece of vinyl you ever bought?


Tony: Men at Work “Business As Usual”. I was in first grade.


15. One personal thing that you have to bring with you on tour that you wouldn’t be able to find on the road if you forgot it?


Tony: Hot sauce for sure. Especially in Europe. I always bring a couple bottles when I go over there. Good hot sauce is hard to find overseas.


16. The best thing about living in Richmond Virginia is…


Tony: It's affordable and has an amazing and supportive music scene.


17. The worst thing about living in Richmond Virginia is…


Tony: It's affordable and has an amazing and supportive music scene. It's almost impossible to move away from it.


18. If you could have lunch with anyone alive or dead who would it be and what would you tell them?


Tony: My grandmother who just passed away. I never got to say goodbye to her before she passed and I'd love to have just one more whiskey and coke/game of cards with her. She was the best.


New Municipal Waste out June 23rd on Nuclear Blast

19. A place that you have not toured in yet that you are dying to go to?


Tony: Africa would be pretty cool.


20. If you could get any non-music brand to sponsor you who would you want it to be?


Tony: Whataburger would be tight.




21. If you became a pro-wrestler or MMA fighter what would you want your entrance song to be?


Tony: My wrestling name would be Calypso and my move would be the Calypso Splash. My entrance song would be "Rebel" by Accept.



22. Three things that scare the shit outta you?


Tony: Rob’s driving, being left alone in a large body of water, Lombardy Kroger at midnight.


23. Is this the dumbest interview you’ve ever been a part of?


Tony: No way. I've done some real stinkers. I've actually had to walk out of a couple interviews for sucking so bad. Not like in a diva way but like in a holy shit this is awful sort of way.