Hard to believe this is the 5th installment of our year-end review. In the earlier editions we did do some of those “Best Of” lists that everyone seems to hate. I get it... when you get smacked in the face with 14 new lists every day of December it gets kind of tired fast. So we have tried to turn this into more of a time capsule where we document the year and condense it into a “what the fuck just happened’ kind of thing. We broke the year down into 3 sections by month and tried to cover everything within each section the best we could. Before you read through this keep in mind that this is what we observed throughout the year. Everyone goes to different shows, some more than others, and people find out about bands in various ways. Some band that you may consider the King Shit of 2016 with their sikkkkk demo tape that they made a total of 30 of we may never even have come across. We always welcome new music and are keen to when you pitch ideas to us about doing some kind of different feature with your band. Email us: InEffectHC@aol.com  With that all said, we love you all, and we truly appreciate the support that this website gets from people from all over the world. -CW  12/27/16




January kicked off the new year with a bang as the FYA FEST down in Tampa continued to grow. FYA Fest 3 featured a stacked lineup which included THE RIVAL MOB who are represented below by this amazing shot by Kiabad Meza from Modern Vision Zine. FYA continues to roll along with FYA 4 due to hit on January 7th and 8th with bands like STRIFE, INDECISION, MERAUDER, BLISTERED, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, KING NINE, BILLY CLUB SANDWICH and TAKE OFFENSE just the tip of the iceberg as far as the lineup goes. Click on that Rival Mob photo below to check out a really nice 25 plus minute multi-cam video of The Rival Mob’s 2016 FYA set from Cameron Nunez. 

FYA 2016 poster

In early January we caught up with KING NINE frontman Dan Seely who provided us with one of the better interviews we did in the first half of the year. Within the interview Dan talked about his vocal style and went on to say that he sang from his stomach instead of just screaming into the microphone which caused him to get insane headaches. Good advice perhaps as later in the year REGULATE frontman Sebastian Paba was also interviewed and made note that he started adopting this method after reading this very interview. Click on the King Nine photo to the left to read the interview.


The early weeks of 2016 also gave us the “Violent Americans” video from WISDOM IN CHAINS which is off of their “The God Rhythm” album that came out in mid-2015. Click HERE to watch that video. On February 19th In Effect caught up with WIC’s frontman “Mad Joe” in Philadelphia where we did an on the spot “20 Questions With” interview where we learned that his all-time favorite ice cream was Ben & Jerry’s “Mission To Marzipan” which has been discontinued. You can read the entire interview with Mad Joe by clicking HERE


After an almost 10 year gap between albums California’s IGNITE came back on January 8th with a masterful performance in the 13 track “A War Against You” which once again showcased their not so secret weapon in frontman Zoli Teglas. The combination of Teglas’ vocal style combined with Ignite’s knack to write melodic and powerful hardcore tracks set this album apart as one of if not the years very best. Later on in June we did an interview with Ignite bass player and founder Brett Rasmussen which you can read by clicking HERE. Ignite also headlined this year's PERSISTENCE TOUR which is an annual tour put on by M.A.D. TOURBOOKING and runs through a big part of Europe. Along with Ignite for the 10 dates that started on January 14th were TERROR, H2O, IRON REAGAN, TWITCHING TONGUES, WISDOM IN CHAINS and RISK IT!


February 12th brought us MANIPULATE’s “Becoming Madness” 6 song EP on Flatspot Records which was one of 2016’s more unsung releases. Having members who are all scene veterans including current BACKTRACK guitarist Ricky Singh would make you think that they would get more attention than they seemed to get. Just listen to that crushing intro on the title track that flips back and forth from acoustic guitars to mega-crunch and you should be hooked if you are not already. Click HERE to stream the whole EP. 

Other early 2016 releases that made some noise were HARLEY FLANAGAN’S 12 song full length titled “Cro-Mags” that saw Harley take on all instruments excluding the drums and was a musical preview to his “Hardcore-Life Of My Own” memoir book that would come out later in the year.


San Diego’s CASTOFF released the 10 song “First Step To Recovery” album on BIRD ATTACK RECORDS on February 10th and showed us more of their ability to mix together Southern Cali styled punk rock with a definite hardcore edge. This was their second release in less than a year and a band to keep an eye on with some fresh ideas.


WORLD BE FREE were another shot in the arm with their “The Anti-Circle” LP that came out on February 5th on REVELATION RECORDS. Their lineup’s resume includes members who have been parts of bands like TERROR, STRIFE, GORILLA BISCUITS, TOKEN ENTRY, UNDERDOG, YOUTH OF TODAY and JUDGE just to name a few. Needless to say this combination created a huge buzz leading up to its release and although a decent album, probably didn’t live up to all the hoopalah. Bigger things for WBF got sidelined when their singer Scott Vogel reinjured his back while on tour with his band Terror causing World Be Free to miss some high profile shows including the opening night of the This Is Hardcore Fest. in August. Hopefully 2017 sees them back on track, healthy and ready to roll. Check out their video for "Shake The Ghost" HERE


Canada's LAST IMPRINT, Arizona's BRO-LOAF, and CORNERED from the Netherlands all with completely different styles each made solid contributions in early 2016 as well. 

One standout performance that still sticks out in my memory bank from back in February is the set that URBAN WASTE put on at the Parkside Pub in Whitestone, Queens (NY). This free show ran insanely late with the majority of the crowd sticking around till the very end just after 2am. UW 2016 would make the original lineup from the early 80’s extremely proud both with the newer songs they have written and released and as well with their performances which are these 30 or so minute blasts of energy that leave the band in a total ball of sweat afterwards. A memorable cover of SUCIDAL TENDENCIES’ “I Shot Reagan” was included towards the end of their set as well. 

A message to newer bands who are still feeling their way around… Don’t throw in the towel… KEEP GRINDING! The Long Island/New Jersey connection known as REGULATE is proof of this. Before their “Years Of Rage” EP came out on EDEGEWOOD RECORDS in April I had never seen them play out live and I wasn’t overly impressed with their earlier release in “Corrupt/Correct” which came out in 2014. In an interview we did with their singer Sebastian he said that their earlier EP was “alright” and that he couldn’t even listen to it now without cringing. “Years Of Rage” is a 6 song, 12 minute romper that gives me a lot of faith in the future of hardcore music, especially in the NY area. Not too long after this release they opened up the 2016 BLACK 'N BLUE BOWL at Webster Hall in NYC and lit that stage up. Later on in June I caught them again out on Long Island where there was no shortage of energy. 2016 was a nice coming of age year for this band and let’s hope they keep that momentum going in 2017. Check out the interview we did with them back in April by clicking HERE and stream “Years Of Rage” HERE. Regulate were also part of this year's UNITED BLOOD FEST held each year in Richmond, Virginia. On March 25th and 26th the Canal Club hosted FLOORPUNCH, FOUNDATION, BURN, RIGHT BRIGADE, TWITCHING TONGUES, INCENDIARY, KING NINE, and over 20 more bands. 


Longevity for hardcore bands is often a rare thing so we tip our caps to our friends from STRENGTH APPROACH from Rome, Italy who celebrated their 20th year as a band in 2016. They have a total of a dozen EP’s and LP’s to their credit and 2016 saw them release their latest full length… “Over The Edge” which came out in April and was produced by Madball guitarist Brian “Mitts” Daniels. To date they have released 2 videos off of this album and you can watch the video for “Trust” by clicking HERE



Another bit of what makes this underground scene of ours so great and different from other scenes happened on February 27th at the Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY. BLAST FURNACE PRODUCTIONS put together a benefit show to help out The Purple Heart Foundation who provide services to US veterans and their families. 14 bands including MURPHY’S LAWINHUMAN, ENRAGE, REASON ENOUGH and ACHE played to a sold out venue and helped raise over 4 grand. Jimmy who runs Blast Furnace needs to be recognized a little more for the time and effort he is putting in as the majority (or maybe even all of the shows he puts on) are of the benefit variety helping out various causes. In this GoFundMe age that sometimes has some questionable causes asking for help Jimmy puts up and in the case of The Purple Heart Foundation posted photos of him handing their foundation a check with the money collected just a few days later. 


On April 2nd Nighthawk Cinemas in Brooklyn, NY hosted a screening of the NEW BREED DOCUMENTARY which has plans to be eventually released on DVD format. This documentary zeros in on the cassette compilation of the same name that originally came out in 1989. Current day interviews with many of the major players from this compilation are on display here in this walk down memory lane type of film. After watching this very well put together effort the small audience got to pick the brains of not only the film makers but also OUTBURST drummer Joe Songco and ABSOLUTION singer Djinji Brown.  Go HERE to find out more about this all time great hardcore comp.



"I am in upstate New York at my farm. I’m just hanging out for the weekend. If you weren’t bothering me right now I would be setting up some catch and release traps because there is some damn squirrel or opossum in my basement and he is going nuts."


"As far as me getting into hardcore I got into it by mistake at an emergency room because my little sister had sprayed oven cleaner in her eyes."



The annual BLACK 'N BLUE BOWL took place on Saturday May 14th and some of the standout sets from the first half of the show included those by REGULATE, RYKERS from Germany and the long awaited return of BILLY CLUB SANDWICH. LEEWAY (who have also been billed as The Eddie Leeway Show or Leeway NYC more recently) feature Leeway singer Eddie Sutton on vocals and his return to the scene of some memorable sets was another highlight to this day. MADBALL always brings their A-game and on this day things held to form.  Punk icons ADOLESCENTS and  scene veterans AMERICAN NIGHTMARE were the final acts for BNB 2016. You can read a re-cap of the show by clicking on the graphic above. 


On Saturday June 18th BANE played their final show at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. The band who got their start in the mid-1990’s released 4 full lengths along the way as well as a bunch of appearances on compilations and EP’s. Their break up was well publicized in advanced as they made their final rounds across the globe on various tours. On May 7th our own Josh Derr caught up with Aaron and Zach of Bane just before they played their last ever Philadelphia show and as they wound down a 6 and a half week tour. Bane was not an ordinary hardcore band as they just brought this whole other level of depth to their music, lyrics and live shows and their fans gave back an extremely high level of appreciation that you don’t see too often. For those holding out any hope of this band ever getting back together watch this interview and ask yourself if these are 2 guys who are ready to never play these songs again. You can watch the 13 minute video interview HERE. Photo by: JC Photo Media. 

The middle 3rd of 2016 is when the bulk of the good releases started coming out, the big festivals started to hit, basically shit lit up in the middle months. The list of album covers we are presenting here are all over the place in regards to sub-genres within the realm of hardcore and punk from the more mellow sounds of PRAISE and DAG NASTY to the heavier sounds OF TRUE LOVE and HATEBREED.. Germany’s WORLD EATER followed up their previous release “Wormfeast” from 2013 with another big shot in “The Path” which again makes me make the claim that they are a modern day version of “Victim In Pain”. "Rock The Fuck On Forever" by ANGEL DU$T is significant in that it is the first release on newly formed POP WIG RECORDS which is run by various members of Angel Du$t, TRAPPED UNDER ICE and TURNSTILE who would release the 4 song EP "Move Through Me" later in the year. Getting back to Angel Du$t, they releaed 2 videos off of their new album including "Toxic Boombox" which you can watch HERE. One more tidbit on Angel Du$t from 2016 was that they played a 10am Tuesday morning show in Malaysia while on a layover waiting for a flight. Something you don't see all the time, read up about it more HERE

That middle third of 2016 produced even more solid releases such as the debut EP from NY’s ZERO RIGHTSMIZERY from San Diego with their bouncy style that many likened to CROWN OF THORNZ, the return of Staten Island, NY’s ENRAGE, an underrated and powerful EP from Richmond, VA’s FRIEND OR FOE, a highly regarded... (and deservedly so full length from Southern California’s FURY and another return from the legendary NYHC band BURN. Check out our August interview with Fury's Jeremy and Madison by clicking HERE


DOWN FOR LIFE MAGAZINE made their debut in the summer of 2016. Based out of the UK and put together by zine veteran Miles Hackett the debut issue pushed the limits of what a hardcore magazine was supposed to look like. An intensely long read with cover to cover full color, glossy pages made this debut stand out in a big way. With a press run of over 10,000 copies and interviews with some of the biggest names in hardcore and punk Down For Life hit the ground running. DFL followed up their debut issue in the fall with a cover story on SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. European fans can buy this on newsstands and bookstores with more distribution on the way for the US in the near future. 


LA’s SOUND & FURY FEST returned in 2016 and was held over the weekend of June 10th and 11th. With pre shows and after shows included the number of bands that played equaled about 40 including such acts as ANGEL DU$T, BLIND JUSTICE, DOWN TO NOTHING, MIZERY, TWITCHING TONGUES, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, FURY, KING NINE, NAILS, TAKE OFFENSE and more. Details on the 2017 edition of Sound & Fury are just a few weeks away. You can watch Down To Nothing’s Sound & Fury set by clicking HERE courtesy of Cavis Tapes. 


NYC lost two venues that hosted hardcore shows within a month when both THE GRAND VICTORY and THE ACHERON (both in Brooklyn) both closed in July. In May it was announced that another NYC venue in ABC NO RIO is closed while their building gets restructured and will re-open at a later date. 


CAPITAL and IRON CHIC guitarist Rob McAllister passed away in early 2016. His passing touched many within the Long Island Hardcore scene including the band SILENT MAJORITY who was fronted by Tom Corrigan (also of Capital). Silent Majority’s last release as a band came in 1999 and they broke up not too long afterwards. Benefit shows for Rob’s family were held at sold out shows on Long Island on June 10th and 11th and again at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on July 2nd. The good will did not stop there as at least one more benefit show for Rob’s family was held on Long Island on October 22nd with the headliner of PUNK ROCK JUKEBOX. Punk Rock Jukebox was made up of various members from KILL YOUR IDOLS, NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE as well as other guests who played a variety of hardcore and punk rock cover songs. R.I.P. Rob McAllister. 

As we mentioned earlier in this article IGNITE returned in early 2016 with their first new studio recording in almost 10 years. On June 4th we caught up with their founding member and bass player Brett Rasmussen for a pretty cool interview that got us caught up to speed on both what the band was doing in that time away and also the ins and outs on the new album. You can read that interview by clicking on the photo above. Photo by: Silvy Maatman. 


One week later we tracked down the one and only Daniel Fang aka D.FANG who plays drums in TURNSTILE, PRAISE, ANGEL DU$T, and MINDSET while he was outside of the Sound & Fury Fest in LA and picked his brains on being one of the most busy people in hardcore. What it is like to be in so many active/touring bands, home life, tour life and we also touched on his new endeavor which is the newly formed POP WIG RECORDS. This was one of my favorite interviews of 2016 and you can read that by clicking on the photo below.

The 2016 LIFE AND DEATH TOUR kicked off on July 6th and ran through July 30th and as in the past criss-crossed through much of the United States. This year’s lineup consisted of headliners TERROR along with POWER TRIP, HARMS WAY, ANGEL DU$T, FURY and RED DEATH. Terror frontman Scott Vogel had some lingering health issues related to his back which caused him to leave the tour early prompting Terror bass player (and DOWN TO NOTHING singer) David Wood to finish out the tour on vocals. Terror ended up backing out on a 3 week European tour scheduled for August as well as their spot on the THIS IS HARDCORE FEST in Philadelphia. Things seem to be straightened out as there have been some announcements of new material from the band for 2017. 


NY’s SICK OF IT ALL celebrated their 30th anniversary as a band in 2016 and they made the rounds as they always do but maybe with a little more pride knowing they made it this far as a band without any breakups, long hiatuses, or major drama. 30 years right through. Congratulations! In early June SOIA played 4 East Coast dates that included Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and their home town on NYC and with them came MANIPULATE, Hong Kong’s KING LY CHEE, STREET DOGS and for the NYC show MURPHY’S LAW. The NYC show was absolutely bananas with a sold out crowd at Webster Hall ripping the joint up. Although this was one of the best bigger shows I have ever been to this was just the second best show of 2016. We will get to the best one shortly but for now check out the coverage we had from this historic show by clicking the photo below. Photo by: Sam DePalma.

The show that topped all other shows in 2016 in our opinion was the DR. KNOW BENEFIT SHOW that happened in NYC’s Tompkins Square Park on July 23rd which also happened to be one of the hottest days of the summer. The back story to this show is that Gary “Dr.Know” Miller of the BAD BRAINS ran into a very serious medical situation which almost took his life in late 2015 and members of the NYHC community came together to put on this free show to help him with medical costs. The setting of Tompkins Square Park in NYC was the perfect backdrop as it lies just across the street from the old A7 club where NYHC came to life decades earlier. Throughout the years the park has served as a common hangout for many of the people who make up the NY hardcore and punk scenes in addition to many shows and of course some more infamous moments which you can find out more about by heading over to the Google. The lineup was BREAKDOWN, TOKEN ENTRY, CRO-MAGS, ANTIDOTE and MAXIMUM PENALTY and drew in more than 2000 people who donated more than $25,000 that day at donation booths. Click the photo above to read In Effect's re-cap which includes a bunch of great photos from this day. Photo by: Pete Gregory. This Token Entry mini-reunion also allowed us to check off a bucket list item as we reached out to Johnny Steigerwald who plays bass and who also helped start this iconic NYHC band. You can read that interview by clicking HERE


Europe in the summer time has no shortages of those immense festival shows that can pack in 10’s of thousands of fans to see a lot of the US bands that would probably draw a fraction of those crowds here in the US. In a way I am a little jealous as I have never been to one of these mega-fests yhat seem to blanket most of Europe throughout the summer months. Some of them package big named metal bands along with hardcore bands and the crowd photos you see look like a sea of little dots (and those are people’s heads). The one that I think I would like to check out the most is Belgium’s IEPERFEST which was held this year on August 12th, 13th, and 14th and featured SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, H2O, JELLO BIAFRA, KNUCKLEDUST, NEGATIVE APPROACH, and well over 20 more bands. From peeking at the Ieper website they really seem to have their shit together as far as food and camping goes… (yes camping, as you are set out in some crop fields for a few days). 


Philadelphia's THIS IS HARDCORE FEST always delivers and 2016 saw them pull off the trick yet again for the 11th straight year. In Effect Hardcore drops updates on average about every 2 weeks and I feel we all work our asses off to get timely updates and info out there but in the case of TIHC and the amount of work they must put in… mind boggling. 50 plus bands in 4 days and this year’s lineup included bands like YOUTH OF TODAY, BURN, INTEGRITY, RINGWORM, GORILLA BISCUITS, KILLING TIME, TURNING POINT, FLOORPUNCH and BREAKDOWN just to scratch the surface sorta speak. Each year I make the trip down from NY and it is always mega-packed, super-hot, and each year I walk away with this feeling that most of what is going on in the hardcore scene  still appeals to me at my advanced age. Haha. Click on Ann Spina’s photo of Killing Time below to read Josh Derr’s 4 day re-cap! 




As we headed into the final turn for 2016 we got the new (and final) album from Milwaukee’s EXPIRE who also announced they will be disbanding in the spring of 2017. This particular year-end review has produced the most band breakups in the 5 we have done. Other bands that broke up included Sweden’s ANCHOR, PERFECT PEOPLE out of St. Louis, TRUE IDENTITY from Vancouver, BC, LIONHEART (CA), LIVING LASER (NY), LIFE FOR A LIFE from California who announced just a hiatus with no time frame for a return, AGITATOR (NY), G.L.O.S.S. (WA) and effective January 21st the UK’s VIOLENT REACTION. Hate to see bands check out for good but with that comes the new in TRUTH & RIGHTS from NY. Although not entirely new in that they formed a few years back and were on a hiatus of sorts with writing new material and recording for their new album “Lies & Slights”. The real NEW part here is the name MY REALITY ENTERTAINMENT which is the new label run by Eddie Sutton of Truth & Rights as well as LEEWAY NYC. My Reality released the new Truth & Rights full length which we thought was one of the strongest releases of the year. There are also plans to record new Leeway NYC music in 2017 as well. We caught up with Mr. Sutton in October and talked all things relating to his musical endeavors. Check that interview out HERE.  BRAIN SLUG from NYC also snuck in a late entry in their full length “Live In Power”. PA’s ACTIVATE dropped a fun little EP in “Fuck The Man” in October. This EP is a cool mish-mosh of thrash,  metal and punk that seems like it got beamed in from 1988. Check out their video for “Pizza Party IIII” which pays homage to the old BLACK FLAG track “TV Party”. FULL SCALE RIOT also got in under the wire with a fine debut full length in “Empower”. FSR’s ability to bounce around and not be stuck to the same formula from track to track gave their album that boost to really stand out. SICK OF IT ALL lived up to their promise of a new EP in the year of their 30th anniversary. Title track “When The Smoke Clears” sets things up on this crucial 5 song output. Other releases that caught our attention in this time frame were TURNSTILE’s “Move Through Me” EP in September and NOFX’s “First Ditch Effort” in October. HARLEY FLANAGAN’S “Life Of My Own” 434 page book which came out in September told a crazy story from one of NYHC’s OG’s and was hard to put down and in early November our Dutch friends in ALL FOR NOTHING played in Kenya as part of the THIS IS AFRICA FEST. Congratulations to them for this cool milestone. Look for new music from them in 2017. In September we put out the 3rd edition of our #WORK series where we ask random people in hardcore and punk bands about their "real" jobs that pay their bills and keep food on the table. Click below to check it out! 








01: RISK IT!: “Getting Low”

02: IGNITE: “Nothing Can Stop Me”, “Alive”

03: BRO-LOAF: “Skyping With Your Mom”

04: ONPOINT: “Fed Up”

05: PRAISE: “Crash Into My Life”

06: REGULATE: “Regulate II”, “End Action”

07: WORLD EATER: “Intro”, “Manmade Hell”

08: LAST IMPRINT: “Constrain Our Choices”, “Every Last Grain”

09: CONCRETE STEPS: “Hardcore Soldiers”

10: CASTOFF “Perception And Honesty”

11: MANIPULATE: “Becoming Madness”, “Beaten Path”

12: WORLD BE FREE: “World Be Free”, “I’m Done”

13: PROGRESS: “Mosaic”, “Phoenix”

14: RED VISION “Intro”, “Die Hard”

15: DAG NASTY: “Cold Heart”

16: LIVE SET DISASTER: “Philly Skyline”

17: TURNSTILE: “Come Back For More”

18: EXPIRE: “Regret”

19: HANGMAN: “Intro”, “Emptiness”

20: FRIEND OR FOE: “Foe-Paid The Price”

21: FAZE: “Disillusion”

22: FURY: “Danse”, “Nova”, “The Fury”

23: ZERO RIGHTS: “Dishes Are Done”, “Zero Rights”

24: KING LY CHEE: “Intro”, “Be Water”

25: MIZERY: “Mizery”, “Power Of Peace”

26: ENRAGE: “I Survive”

27: CORNERED: “Love Is Pain”. “Instrumental”

28: TRUTH & RIGHTS: “Games”, “B.O.L.O.”

29: FULL SCALE RIOT: “Hold You To The Fire”

30: SICK OF IT ALL: “When The Smoke Clears” 




IN EFFECT HARDCORE reached a big milestone in October when we hit the 1 million mark as far as people visiting the site. When this website existed only as a fanzine in the 1980’s and 90’s the total number of copies printed was in the 25,000 range so to reach this many people while keeping our DIY ethics means a lot. With that said there are a ton of people who contribute to make this website happen. Some on a consistent basis and others who are just passing through. Without this support from unpaid writers who do reviews to photographers who ask for nothing except to get their name credited this website would not exist. Every person who helps get our name and message out there is truly appreciated, from those who share our posts on social media, to those who have bought and worn our shirts and also to the people who might have slapped one of our stickers up. THANK YOU! We are also proud to say that after almost 5 years at this we have still not made one cent off of this and In Effect will continue on until it just isn’t fun anymore. Hopefully that is a long time from now. Until next time... Peace...