It has been over a year since we had our last installment of our #WORK series which takes a look at the real time jobs and occupations of some of the people that make up the underground punk and hardcore scene. One of the things that makes this music scene unique is the fact that probably 99% of the people involved with it do not make a living off of their music. This time around we got in touch with people from all corners of the globe involved with jobs ranging from health care services, to sales, to bartenders to photography. Graphics by: Bas Spierings. Additonal interviews by: Josh Derr. Everyone was given the same 5 questions which are:


1. What is your current occupation and how long have you been doing it?


2: Do you like what you do and what are your responsibilities?


3. If you had to find a new line of work what are some out there that you could see yourself doing?


4. As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?


5, Please finish the sentence... the one day at my current job that I will never forget was the time when....


Photo by: Greet Druyts

1. Outside of Ignite I have a film company called Exit House Films. It is me and my partner and we basically do everything from directing to editing to writing to everything in the aspect of audio visual work. It all started when we needed to do a music video at one point and we decided to do it ourselves and that is how the whole concept of our company started.


2. There are the two of us that run the company and I just went over many of the things we do but when we need to we will hire out other videographers, guys to compose music as there is a whole litany of things you need to do to put together a video or an audio visual work depending on the size of the job. Right now we are in the middle of a documentary and it involves a lot of people. We do everything from top to bottom. We are completely hands on.


3. I don’t know. I have a lot of connections within the music industry so you can always lean on that and I know a lot of people in the clothing industry too as there are a lot of musical types in that. I started doing construction when I was done with college because that was the type of job that would pay the best and also allow me to leave for a tour. There are some really good construction paying gigs out there too.


4. I never really had anything that I was dead set on as a kid. When I got into school I wanted to be a lawyer. I am a pretty big sports fan and I thought it would be cool to be an agent for a company that dealt with athletes. That is what I started working on in school. All of a sudden we started touring and going to Europe and something got sidetracked and now I am here. I think all young kids want to be athletes and I am an avid baseball, basketball, football guy so the dream of being a professional athlete was always there but as you get into high school you start to see your limitations compared to the rest of the world and that subsides quickly.


5. The time when we got to work with Alice Cooper and set up a whole video and interview him for this guitar company. That was pretty cool and he is a pretty cool guy. It was for ASG guitars and they made an Alice Cooper model guitar and we were in charge of putting together the commercial for it. 





1. I've been a carpenter by trade since I was 17, and in construction on and off for almost 30 years. Started out as an apprentice for a union outfit, was taught very well by some old school Italian craftsmen and became a foreman with that outfit in the 1990's, doing a lot of high end commercial work. I have since been  a jobsite supervisor, doing that now for the past few years.


2. I love what I do and I take a lot of pride in my work. I love seeing the work take shape. It is very rewarding when we complete a project and it comes out great. My daily responsibilities are complete supervision and coordination of every aspect of a project. I study the blueprints, layout all the work for all the contractors, coordinate with all the labor and administrative personal from top to bottom, trouble shoot problems onsite, and am responsible to bring the jobs in on time. Restaurants are my forte, and favorite to build.


3. If I had a choice in the matter I would get into educational nutrition. I would travel, setting up seminars all over the country. I would focus on children, getting them to respect their bodies early in life. Do workshops at schools, teaching them and their parents about plant based eating and the damaging effects of processed foods. That would be like a dream for me. I've actually helped a handful of open minded friends and co-workers lose substantial amounts of weight just by advising dietary substitutes to what they currently ate with a few of them losing up to 70 pounds in less than a year. It has been really rewarding to see them healthier and happier.


4. As a kid I was into anything that went fast. When I was 14 years old I was already taking engines apart, building race cars and getting into all sorts of trouble. I was just completely obsessed with racing. I imagined I would be some sort of mechanic working on car engines, working on airplanes, exotic cars, Ferrari’s, things like that were my childhood fantasy. As soon as I found hardcore and punk music, my desire to work on cars completely disappeared. Fast music basically took the place of fast machines for me and it has stuck with me till this day.


5. There are a few, but this is one the funniest. We had a job to demolish a gay nightclub on the Upper West Side. The owner, who was built like Mr. Olympia was getting emotional and  teary eyed, watching us wreck his place. He asked me if he could take photos of us while we worked. I was like, “sure". I later found out that he posted a photo of me swinging a sledgehammer on his hunk of the month calendar at his other club in Chelsea!




1. I am a Marine Operations Manager. The company I work for is a marine oil spill response company. We provide marine oil spill solutions to both private and public sectors, which includes our own response teams, vessels and oil spill recovery equipment. We also provide marine refuse scavenging services to different clients. I have been working here for 9 years. 


2. To be honest, I used to hate it because it was boring as hell when I started as a junior mariner back in 2007. I got onto my boat at 8am every day and what I had to do was just test the oil spill recovery equipment, conduct inspections, check different pieces of machinery on the boat, the whole process took around 3 hours. So once I finished this daily routine I just sat there and did nothing, just waiting for an oil spill incident the rest of the day. There was a time I wanted to give up but fortunately I was lucky enough to have a super nice senior who was willing to give me different marine knowledge and share his experiences. In 2011, I got promoted to becoming an operations manager, and it brought me into a new world. My new roles have become much more challenging and more exciting because I needed to be more involved in decision making including boat design, project management, budget control, training of crew members and development in new oil spill response techniques. And today, I am still happy doing what I'm doing. 


3. Definitely I would love to become a producer and sound engineer. I started recording when I was 16 and I remember I bought a 4 track-cassette recorder to record my first demo. My first impression was "woah, this is so freaking cool and fun man! I can stack up different instruments one by one to make a song..." That was definitely a brand new idea to me back in 1998. I got my first computer and had a sound card installed (my first interface, Creative's SoundBlaster, yes I still remember the name and I am pretty sure computer guys around my age know what this is, haha). Then a friend of mine introduced me to my first DAW - Cubase, from then, the more I got into it, the more obsessed I became (Since 2007 I've handled all recording duties for King Ly Chee's releases. The only thing I pass off is mixing/mastering duties to someone with more expertise.)


4. I wanted to be a police officer because my dad was a police officer. 


5. Haha, this is a tough one because there have been so many funny stories that have happened on the boat. I remember one time back in the summer of 2008 we were navigating our boat back to our shipyard when we suddenly received a weather report that a strong typhoon was heading toward our area. I was still green at all of this and had no idea what I needed to do so I just followed my senior's instructions. At first, the condition of the ocean was still very calm though it was raining heavily. However in the middle of nowhere, shit got crazy! I forgot when it started but the waves suddenly got super intense and our boat was being thrown about. Almost every single thing inside our boat started tumbling over and we couldn't stand up properly. Right then I remember thinking "Shit, is our boat going to capsize? Am I going to die?" Our captain shouted to tell us to put on our life jackets. We all listened and tried to go outside on the deck to secure the things that were flying around but the waves and winds were just too strong. It felt like someone smashing my face every couple seconds. So we all decided to just stay put trying to calm ourselves down because we were all panicking. After 20 minutes of all this our boat finally docked back at our shipyard. I remember stepping off that boat and only THEN knowing that I was safe...but I immediately puked my guts out. 


1. I work as Emergency Ambulance Crew. It's basically what they call EMT's in London. I've been doing this now for about 8 months. 

2. I love it!! Best job I've ever had. It's just so interesting. No job or shift is ever the same and it does get the adrenaline flowing sometimes! Haha!

3. Errrrr......not sure. I had lots of jobs before this one. None very fulfilling. It'd have to be something to do with helping people or animals. 

4. I wanted to be a doctor or a vet but that all went out of the window when I decided I was gonna be a rock star!!! That worked out well, didn't it?!! Haha!! 

5. I could talk about the usual blood, guts, broken bones, vomit type stuff but I won't. There's loads of that. I'll go for something a bit more positive. The one day I'll never forget was the time when we got a guy back from cardiac arrest. I've done quite a few now but it was the first time I've got one back. To have a guy clinically dead then have him sitting up and talking in a hospital an hour and a half later is amazing. To be part of the team that made that happen is a very, very unique feeling!




1. My main job is painting and wallpaper. My father and I have a painting business and I have been doing that for about 20 years. I also do all kinds of metal fabrication on the side. Custom motorcycle parts, home decor, metal sculpture, different kinds of ornamental metal items. I have been doing that for about 12 years.


2. Yeah, I like seeing something accomplished at the end of the day. It could be looking at the interior of a house that you transformed into a nice living space, or something transformed from raw materials into a functional part for a motorcycle. Seeing my effort transform something and having a sense of pride in what I have done is what makes the job enjoyable for me. Without pride in your work, you will never get the reward for your labor. You might still make money, but money has never really been my main motivating factor. My responsibilties are basically everything from estimating the job to doing the actual work. Its just my father and I, so we share the load.


3. Well, I wouldnt mind doing something in sales but it would have to be for something I was passionate about. Like I said before, if I dont feel pride in something, I'm not interested.


4. Haha. Well honestly my main ideas were either own a bicycle shop, or be a veterinarian.


5. Well, believe it or not my job isn't full of that many wild and crazy incidents, haha. I guess the one incident was a time when my father was on a tall ladder that was leaning into the opening of a skylight. I was on the second floor balcony and the bottom of the ladder started to slide backwards, seconds away from having my dad fall about 15 feet to the ground and the ladder go crashing into a huge stained glass window. He started yelling for help and I leaned over the railing and grabbed him with one arm off the ladder, pulling him back to the outside of the rail. He kept one hand on the ladder and pulled it with him so it wouldnt smash through the window. Anyway, disaster was narrowly averted and I was the hero for the day. My exciting metalwork story is once I was using my metal lathe and as it turns and cuts,sometimes the shavings come off in long ,thin, sharp ribbons. Well I have a glove on and grabbed some of the shavings to get them out of the way. So they get caught on the spinning chuck of the lathe and basically slice through the glove and down to the bone in my hand. Blood starts shooting everywhere and making a mess all over everything. So I clamp my other hand on it as tight as I can to stop it from squirting out. I had no health insurance so there is no way im going to the emergency room. I run it under some cold water and then clamp my hand over it with a rag till it slows down a bit. Dumped super glue on it and wrapped it tightly with duct tape with my hand in a balled up fist position, haha. I left it like that for a few days, and it ended up being fine. Not that exciting, but my work days are not that eventful! Haha.




Photo by: Shane Gardner

1. Since 2008 I've been the manager and a tech at Big Crunch Amp Repair, which is owned by our guitarist, Brooks.


2. I love it! I love the freedom that comes from working for ourselves, I love getting a dead amp to work again, I love getting a guitar to play well, and I really do love being in charge of the money.


3. I'd love to be a singer for hire, like for studios or commercials, or wedding bands. It's always fun to meet new people, and usually stuff like that has free snacks. I do perform weddings on the side, though, as I am an ordained clergy person.


4. Growing up I thought I would be a rock star. Or a psychologist.


5. The one day at my job that I will never probably just the other day when I finished a big tolex job on a cabinet and it turned out perfect. Not because I did such a great job, but because it was sea-foam green tolex and white grill cloth on a 6x12 guitar cabinet!





1. I own a guitar amplifier and guitar repair shop in Baltimore, MD. The shop opened in 2008.


2. Yes. My responsibilities include - being the final word on all repair work, overseeing standard technical operation.


3. I could be a touring sound engineer or stage manager.


4. A veterinarian, then a psychologist.


5. I didn't go into work because of street riots in Baltimore. I went in early the next day and the whole drive there I just imagined our building being torn apart. (Everything ended up ok)



Photo by: Brett Sweeney

1. I am a freelance videographer and video editor. I have been doing it for about 3 years now.


2. Right now I am OK with what I do. I pretty much film high school and college sports for the use of the parents or the coaches.


3. Well, I would still like to edit film but I would rather be doing movies instead.


4. I am pretty sure I wanted to be a zookeeper.


5. It was the time that every single battery that I had died mid-game as it began to thunderstorm on me and I just kind of sat and watched and contemplated every decision I had made up until that point. 


1. I work for the Milo Foundation, a non-profit dog and cat rescue that specializes in dogs in kill shelters and on death row. We also have a few farm animals as well. I have been working here for 3 months now, I moved from Boston to Northern California to work here. Before this I was a mover for many years, no I did not like it! Haha.


 2. I like what I do but also it is very sad. I feed, clean up after and spend time with multiple dogs who will probably never be adopted, thats the sad reality of it. Aside from the basic animal care I build new yards and fix old ones. I have moved a lot of grass and cut down a lot of dead trees since I got here. The sanctuary is 283 acres on a mountain on the edge of the Mendocino State Forest.


3. I’m afraid of going to school and spending money so if I wasn’t 100% sure on what I was gonna do, I am not sure I would do it. I've already been a welder, landscaper, mover, and have had other odd jobs. I hate the idea of a "career". It seems like a 20th century invention to trap you into normalcy to me. But if I had to figure something else out that I would want to do for the rest of my life it's a tie between having some sort of animal rescue of my own or being a camera man for National Geographic to get to travel for free and see so much, but that job doesn't seem attainable.


4. As a small child I don't remember what I wanted to be but I was really into animals so I bet it had something to do with that. As a teen it was BMX or musician, and I'm still doing both at 29, just not getting paid to do them.


5. The one day at my current job that I will never forget was the time when Chip died. Chip was one of my favorite dogs when I got here. He had a terrible life before he got here. He was found in a dog hoarding/fighting situation where he we just on a metal collar in the middle of nowhere. The collar was embedded in his neck and had to be surgically removed. Chip wasn't able to be adopted out cause of the abuse he suffered at such a young age, it made him a wild man, he would bite anyone who tried to hold him back or contain him, we couldn't even groom him. He was a very sweet dog otherwise but he knew he just couldn't trust anyone that much because of the neglect and abuse he suffered. Chip died of cancer here at the sanctuary. He lived here for over 10 years. (Chip is/was the white dog in the photo above)


1. Commercial/Fashion photographer. 8 years now.

2: I love it! I have been taking photos since my band starting going on the road 20 plus years ago but never really thought it would become a career. I worked retail for many years and started to really hate it... There was a turning point around 2008 when I decided to jump into photography full time. Fortunately, and after a lot of hard work and perseverance, it started to grow organically into what I do today.

3. Not an option at this point, Haha.

4. The first memory that I have would have to be a fireman... Then a musician. 

5. Man, that's tough. I've had so many awesome experiences with what I do. I suppose being able to make a living doing what I love is the best experience. 





1. I'm a bartender. Been bartending now for about 24 years.


2. I enjoy it now way more than when I was managing bars, which I did for a very long time. Now it's easy to have fun behind the bar because I don't have to worry about running a business anymore.


3. Guitar repair. A very close friend of mine is a luthier and I'm going to start spending some time with him to learn the tricks of the trade.


4. Exactly what I am now. I get to travel across the globe doing what I love and only working when I want to. Nothing better than being able to make your own schedule.


5. I bartend at a very nice banquet room on the 33rd floor of a beautiful building in downtown Boston. I've seen all there is to see working behind bars and at nightclubs. Believe me. But last year, a Boston law school had their Christmas party at the place that I work. Anyway, at the end of the night, a couple of law students, a male and a female, got in an argument and the girl smashed a full bottle of beer over the guy's head. I've seen worse things happen, but this was a Christmas party at a very expensive banquet facility. Last thing I would have expected was for a law student to smash a bottle over another law student's head. Hilarious. Kiss your law degree goodbye, dummy!




1. I’m working in the tattoo industry for almost 20 years. I’m independent and working with my tattoo laser to help people get better results on cover-ups or just erase old, shitty tattoos. The tattoo laser is the best way to remove old shit or make them lighter to cover them. Green Pearl is one of the places I am affiliated with. 


 2. Hell yeah, I like it a lot… the tattoo scene is like the hardcore music scene, everybody knows each other. We are hanging out and trying to support each other to get the business going.


3. For me it simply has to be an independent job too. I´ve tried “normal jobs” before… it didn’t work out. I hate authority… Well, actually I got a huge penis so maybe one day I´ll join the porn industry…ha, ha, ha!


4. I guess a musician like I am today… well, I wanted to be a real rockstar! Way back then, when I was a kid I grabbed my dad’s tennis racket and I went nuts in front of a mirror, listening to KISS “Dynasty” and rocked hard. With make up and crazy clothes… I was 8 years old, good times!



5. I was hanging out at a bar ‘til 6am and then I spotted a customer who had an appointment later on (that day) in my store – I was shitfaced drunk, puked and went straight to bed. Off course I did my job and the result came out good – but I didn’t feel that good – let`s point it that way… I guess I learned something.





1. I am employed as an IT Recruiter aka a Headhunter for a little under 5 years. I work with financial and tech firms to source software developers, database administrators, business analysts, project managers or whatever other tech needs they have.


2. I like what I do. It’s not something I thought I’d ever be doing but I’ve grown to enjoy it. My responsibility is to find qualified applicants for some of the top firms. These are jobs that pay in upwards of 6 figure salaries. I make sure our clients get the kind of candidates they are looking for.


3. I’m not too sure. I don’t really think of doing anything else at this point. Maybe work in a restaurant? I worked in one when I was a teenager into my early 20’s and enjoyed it.


4. I wanted to be a comic book artist. I used to love drawing and making up my own superheroes.


5, When I made my first placement!  It was then that I realized that I could actually do this. It was a tough learning curve but I feel good about how far I’ve come.


1. I’m the manager of a successful restaurant chain here in NY called Croxley's. We've got locations in Nassau, Suffolk Counties, Brooklyn, and Manhattan on the Lower East Side. I'm working in the Franklin Square (Nassau County) location for about 15 years now. I started there as a bartender and eventually got demoted/promoted to manager.

2. I like what I do, mainly because the 2 guys that I work for (the owners) are real good guys which is rare in the service and hospitality industry. They are hard workers and basically pioneered the craft beer movement in NY. We've got 60 draft lines, 40 plus bottles and a great menu of above average pub fare. I'm immersed in the world of beer so for me that’s a kickass place to be. If the job ever gets too vexing I can always chill out with a cold beer - not many jobs offer that benefit. Being the manager, my responsibilities are basically everything one could imagine, because you have to be ready for anything in the restaurant business, and be ready to do anyone's job on a moments notice. I'm more or less the manager of the team… sorta like a baseball manager dealing with many different and unique personalities and coaxing them to work together to make the best possible customer experience each and every time. The hours are long and punishing. I work nights, weekends, and holidays without fail. The main reason I've persevered so long is because of my day job/true calling in life -I'm a dad of two kids 9 and 12 years old. So being that I work at night (my wife does the 9-5) I'm always around to take the kids to school, pick 'em up, help with the homework, take ‘em to taekwondo, music lessons and the daily run around that the kids need me for. My kids are really my main focus/gig, and the joy of my life. I don't think there's any better job than being dad and watching your kids grow up. That's where my heart is. It's also pretty exhausting.

3. Funny that you should ask, recently, I began looking to the future and trying out some different stuff. I've explored other career options that maybe I'd get into once my kids don't need me as much for the day to day. I'm not really settled on anything yet, but I've explored a variety of interests including welding, woodworking, auto mechanic, screen printing, (substitute) teacher, and most recently real estate, like my brother (Kent - NRSV guitarist) that you interviewed for this same article several months ago. I'm pretty sure no matter what I do in the future, nothing will beat just being “Dad”. If I could magically transform into any other “job or career”, my dream would be either race car driver or tattoo artist. Maybe in my next life..?

4. As a kid I had big dreams that were mostly crushed by assholes around me. I wanted to be an artist. I could draw really well when I was a kid. I was also good at sports and had ideas about that. My parents were old school (my father was a truck driver and Korean war veteran. and my mother is nuts) so anything artistic was frowned upon in my family. My mother wanted me to be an undertaker or reverend/pastor. My father always encouraged me to stick with school, which he never completed, and thought that was my ticket. I basically followed his advice and instead of enlisting in the Army, I graduated with a B.A. in political science from Queens College. NRSV was already doing our thing by then, so I lost myself in that which allowed me an artistic outlet. I've always loved music. There aren't many jobs out there for “political scientists” but the one thing I did learn in college is that politicians are fucking snakes, and our government is our real enemy, its true brothaz and sistaz!

5. I was working as a bartender late one night (August 12, 2003) and my wife called and said her water broke and it was time to go off to the hospital. I was scared shitless. A few hours later my son, Noah, was born. It was one of the greatest days of my life. The next day was a huge blackout on the entire East Coast. After I came back to work, a few days later, my co-workers surprised (and embarrassed me, too) with a happy hour impromptu baby shower, and all these guys were sitting at the bar drinking and watching me open up boxes of diapers, stuffed animals, and baby clothes. Most people that know my raucous persona from NRSV would say that is NOT what you'd typically see me doing in a bar. 




1. I'm a HVAC mechanic and I've been doing this since 1993.


2. Its ok, I guess I'd say I like what I do, there are times when I don't, it depends what I'm doing on a particular day. Usually it's all good, but there have been plenty of times where I've hated it, because of a bad employer, customer, or poor work environment. My responsibilities have changed over the years in this field. From helper to foreman on construction/install jobs, to what I currently do which is customer service. Basically I drive to service calls to troubleshoot and repair. 


3. This is a hard one. I've tried to make a career change at one point and in the end realized I'm an HVAC guy for life but I do think about getting some more licenses and certifications to become a building Inspector or something similar. When I get older, I'd prefer carrying a clip board around instead of a heavy fucking tool bag!


4. I wanted to be a pilot for the US Air Force. I would tear out advertisements and pictures of the USAF and hang them on my walls in my bedroom. 


5. Oh man, I have so many stories! But I guess most of them only another mechanic would understand. One day I'll never forget was way back when I was doing residential installations. I was assembling sheet metal duct work in a customer’s attic when I cut myself real bad, definitely the worst cut ever, tore my hand wide open where you could see bone. So obviously with a cut that bad I was gushing blood like crazy. So I did my best to wrap it up in my shirt and try not to bleed all over the customer’s house. Well, sure enough I quickly bled though my shirt and left a trail of blood across this guy’s house. Would you believe this fucking guy had the nerve to yell and curse me out over that instead of helping! I had to wrap my hand with my shirt and duct tape and drive myself to the ER. If I wasn't so badly injured I think I would have hit him. Also the doctor that stitched me up, claimed he couldn't numb me any more than he had blaming it on the severity of the cut so half of the stitches I had the pleasure of feeling them completely!  Definitely a bad day to say the least!




1. I am a tattoo artist, and I own a tattoo shop in Waterbury CT. We just passed our first year since opening, and I started tattooing in 2009, did an apprenticeship and worked for the same guy for about 5 or 6 years, then I wound up taking over the store he had - he was done with the business and didn’t want to do it anymore, and I wanted to stay put, not have to do the promo thing, you know the whole “I’m here now”, so I took over the store, kept everyone, got some new faces in, and I love it!  I worked construction for 10 years before this so it’s definitely a little easier on the body.


2. They’ve [responsibilities] changed a lot over the past year since I’ve taken over the shop.  The business end is a little bit more than I expected - it always looked easier than it is, but it’s worth it at the end of the day. Other than that, pretty much the same as any other tattoo artist, I have a pretty good list of clients. I do a lot of custom drawings, I do a lot of drawing right on the body, freehand as people call it, especially with bigger pieces I’ll use markers and pens. I do smaller stuff too, I don’t really turn anything down, like if someone wants a small name and I can squeeze it in between appointments, I always take it.


3. That’s tough, let me think. I really don’t know, I think this is it for me. I’m happy with what I do and I love going to work every day but I’m into motorcycles, so if I had to go back to school for something and learn a trade I would like to learn how to do motorcycle repair.  


4. As weird as it sounds, I wanted to be an architect. Most kids want to be a fireman or one of these heroic jobs, but I wanted to design houses. I really don’t know why, but I was like that since I was 5.


5. It was like one of those videos you see on YouTube where people start freaking out during the tattoo. I had this girl who came in who wanted to get a tattoo of an M&M candy on her stomach, tiny, the size of a dime.  Just a green thing with an M on it.  She had like 10 people in the room with her, holding her hand telling her it was going to be ok, while she’s crying the whole time. She even got up and puked at one point, thank God she made it to the bathroom to puke. This is a tattoo that should have taken me 5 minutes and I was there for an hour and a half - it was pure fucking torture!


1. I am in sales for UPS Freight. I have been doing this for 1 year and have been with the company for 5 years. Previously I was inside support for account managers.

2. I like what I do when things are going well and a lot of business is coming across my desk. When things aren't as busy I'm bored out of my mind. What I do is when a large shipment of either 150 to upwards of 30,000+ lbs needs to be shipped faster than it would normally move, I find ways to make this happen for companies and try to secure their approval to pay for this kind of move.

3. I have an English degree and initially wanted to be a teacher. I interned as a teacher at one point and taught ninth graders and it tested my patience. I think now that I'm older I would be much more mentally equipped to teach and would enjoy discussing literature. My dream job would be to be a professor.

4. When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect because I liked drawing. I had a book on Frank Lloyd Wright and thought his designs were so cool. I also wanted to be a comic book artist and from the ages of about 9 to 13 or so drew my own comics and let my friends read them (or rather subjected them to reading them haha).

5. The one thing I will never forget that happened at my job was when a company in Panama called me and desperately needed me to ship 200 lbs of tape and spent $18,000 to do so. That's like a fine new car, just to ship 200 lbs of tape. Still blows my mind.


1. I work as a nurse at Singapore General Hospital and it's been my profession for 11 years now.


2. Yes I like what I'm doing. My responsibilities are to provide direct nursing care to patients, guidance to caregivers, assist the doctors with the provision of treatment and patients, and examination and maintaining infection control.


3. I would probably go full time as a show promoter and booking agency, which I am now freelancing.


4. I wanted to be a cop and catch all the crooks! Maybe I was inspired by the old  TV series CHiPs back in the early 80’s. Haha!


5. ... The time when I had to clean up and pack a dead body all by myself during night shift. Normally we do it in pairs but my partner had to attend an emergency call so I was left to do it alone and while at it, the deceased farted when I turned his body! And then had some kinda muscle spasm which caused his hands to move. Kinda creepy!


1. I am a Volkswagen salesman.  I have been selling at my dealership for 13+ years.  


2. I really enjoy what I do. I was fortunate to get hired at a store with a great atmosphere. Throughout the day, I follow up with previous clients via email or phone, talk with previous clients who may be in for service while they are waiting on their vehicle. I meet new clients who just walk in the door for the first time. I go on a lot of test drives, and work a lot of purchasing scenarios for people. I also handle inventory swaps with other dealerships when either we need a car from them or they need a car from us. The car business is a weird business and every day is a little different than the other. One would think the weekend would be our busiest time, but I’ve had Tuesdays where I’ll sell 4 cars and then the Saturday I don’t sell anything.  


3. If I had to find something else non car business related, I could see myself being in sales/product rep for athletic/performance clothing.  


4. As a kid I wanted to be a lawyer, which is funny because my wife is actually a criminal defense attorney.  


5. I would have to say the time I sold the same customer 3 cars at the same time. I was told when I first started by a former co-worker who I have remained close with that "NO ONE buys 3 cars at the same time." It’s Sasquatch. You hear about it, but you don’t actually see it. Customers will tell you maybe we will buy 3 cars never happens, there are too many moving pieces. Don’t get all excited like it’s going to happen… 2 car deals happen, but not 3 car ones. For years I’d hear people mention it and it would never come together, sometimes there wouldn’t even be 1 sale. Then finally a couple of months ago I had a family in here buying a car for their daughter. We finalized that deal and while they were waiting to sign their paperwork they said, "would it be possible to trade our other 2 cars in and get 2 more today?” I told them I would work the numbers but, "A 3 car deal is like bigfoot… you hear about it and think you see one, but it doesn’t happen" we all laughed.  While they were signing their paperwork for the 1st car, I worked out a scenario of trading the other 2 cars in and getting 2 more new ones. I printed out a picture of a cartoon bigfoot and wrote the 2 new car payments on it. They walked into my office, having already purchased the 1st car and I showed them the picture of bigfoot with the payments on it. The husband and wife looked at each other and said, "OK,, we will do it!" I told them for 13 years I have been joking that if it ever happened I would get a tattoo of bigfoot hiding behind a tree. I will be getting my bigfoot tattoo soon.  


1. I run a company called Nameless Prints, been in business since about 2010. We do screen printing for business, bands, etc. I have a little shop in Bristol Pennsylvania and sell records and scene related stuff out of there.


2. Yeah, I love it. It's not always a cake walk running a business. It's a lot more than people realize, but it's definitely better than working for somebody else. I haven't worked for someone else in close to 10 years now, and I don't think I'll ever go back to it.


3. A musician. As soon as I found music, I knew that's what I wanted to do.


4. I honestly don't know - I'm doing what I want to do!


5. The day at work I will never forget is not from my current job but when I was in the Army and we got deployment orders to go to Iraq.

Photo by: Wass Photography